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John C. KoenigIn 1904, John C. Koenig founded a hardware and farm equipment dealership to serve his friends and neighbors. Committed to the long-term, he handled only quality products; he offered them at a fair price; he maintained convenient hours; and he supported his merchandise with application information, a good parts stock, and responsive repair and maintenance. He always greeted his customers as friends and made sure transactions were of mutual advantage. Read More »

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Trad R from Eaton, Oh

Store: Oxford, Ohio
Trad R from Eaton, Oh
Eaton, Oh
Type of Experience: 
Equipment Purchase
John Deere
Gator 825i PS
Utility Vehicle

We bought a new 2012 Gator 825i w/ Power Steering from Stu Merkamp at the Oxford location. Fist, the service and overall buying experience was made GREAT by Stu. I couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable and professional salesman. Price was exceptionally competitive too! I searched several other dealerships prior to making my decision. Upon arrival, Stu promptly contacted me to arrange for delivery. Upon delivery, Stu took the time time to personally go over all aspects of the vehicle. I had no questions after he left. I give my highest recommendation for Stu's professionalism and product knowledge! Regarding the Gator...WOW, what a machine! I purchased it with the Powertach blade. After the storm on Dec 26th, 2012 i got to test it out and WOW is it impressive! My lane is about 500 feet long and was completely drifted over, but the drifts were no match for the GATOR. I had is clear in no time flat! After this i used it to haul dead trees out of my woods. Some friends of mine laughed and didn't think it would do it. The joke was on them. Not only did it drag the trees out, it did it in 2WD. I didn't even need the 4WD until i got to some really big stuff.

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