Apex Farm Management Software v2.3 is Released


Version 2.3 of Apex Farm Management Software is now available through Live Update on your current Apex Farm Management Software. For detailed instructions on how to utilize Live Update, visit StellarSupport.com. The update patch has also been posted on StellarSupport.com for users who do not have internet.

Please note, Apex version 2.3 will be the FINAL release that will support direct data migration from prior versions, including JDOffice. Future versions of Apex will not have the ability to directly migrate data from Apex 2.2 or older versions. In the future, users will have to first migrate data to Apex 2.3 and then migrate again to the latest Apex version.

Load Capabilities
Apex now has the ability to identify individual load names, load destination, and filter a load detail report

The release note file is attached.


APEX v2.3 Release Notes.pdf528.65 KB

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