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John C. KoenigIn 1904, John C. Koenig founded a hardware and farm equipment dealership to serve his friends and neighbors. Committed to the long-term, he handled only quality products; he offered them at a fair price; he maintained convenient hours; and he supported his merchandise with application information, a good parts stock, and responsive repair and maintenance. He always greeted his customers as friends and made sure transactions were of mutual advantage. Read More »

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What others are saying about Koenig Equipment

Mark G. W. from Martinsville, Ohio

Store: Germantown, Ohio
Martinsville, Ohio
Type of Experience: 
Equipment Purchase
John Deere
Lawn & Garden Tractor

Well, I would just like to start this out by saying that I am used to dealing with one of the largest John Deere dealers in Ohio, but I will leave their name out. However, this dealership had taken advantage of me on a couple of different purchases and would not make things right. I began this last month searching for a garden tractor to replace my John Deere GT245. I wanted to upgrade to a heavier, longer lasting garden tractor with power steering and hydraulic deck lift. I found a couple at the John Deere dealership that I mentioned earlier, but they didn't seem to interested in finding me something or even helping me. I visited some other dealerships and just couldn't find anyone who was really wanting to sell me something, unless it was a brand new X320, which is lighter and not as strong as he GT245 that I already have. I am a picky person too and my GT245 was in mint condition, so I wanted to make sure that the mower I found was just as good or close to the cosmetic condition as mine. Well, I prayed about it and found Koenig equipment online and I read through the history of the company.