Our History

Koenig Equipment History

In 1904, John C. Koenig founded a hardware and farm equipment dealership to serve his friends and neighbors. Committed to the long-term, he handled only quality products; he offered them at a fair price; he maintained convenient hours; and he supported his merchandise with application information, a good parts stock, and responsive repair and maintenance. He always greeted his customers as friends and made sure transactions were of mutual advantage.

Those high objectives were maintained at the Botkins Hardware Company by his sons; John, Bill, and Emerson. To their work they added specialization and teamwork. They continued to refuse the slipshod, the merely expedient.

As the Botkins Hardware Company grew into Koenig Equipment, Inc., Emerson's children (Ray, Ken, JoAnn, Jack and Greg) enriched the family business legacy while achieving unprecedented sales growth and geographic expansion.  They accomplished this by striving to provide industry leadership in new services and programs, to respond to an evolving market and to build a professional dealership staff committed to those ideals.




Interested in expanding his market to the East, Mr. Koenig opens a store in Jackson Center. John C. Koenig Hardware was run by Mr. Elmer Mann.


Michael's Interest is Bought Back

Michael's interest is later purchased back by John Koenig.


Michael Koenig Joins

John Koenig's younger brother, Michael, joins him in the hardware business.


Storage Warehouse Constructed

A two-story storage warehouse with manual elevator was constructed adjacent to the Botkins Hardware service garage on Lynn Street.


John C. Koenig

  • John C. Koenig leaves the employ of the International Harvester Company (Richmaond, Indiana Branch) and purchases the assets of Paul Brothers to start a Farm and General Hardgoods store in Botkins, Ohio.
  • The Botkins Hardware Company is located on South Main Street.