Agricultural & Farm Equipment Solutions

What agricultural & farm equipment solutions does Koenig Equipment offer?

Koenig Equipment is proud to offer quality agricultural solutions. We offer a wide selection of products including application equipment, planting equipment, harvesting equipment, and row-crop, utility, and 4WD tractors from John Deere backed by quality service from factory trained technicians using genuine parts. To compliment your John Deere equipment Koenig Equipment offers several other brands of hay & forage, precision, and tillage products.

Farm Equipment and Agricultural Specials

Which types of John Deere agricultural tractors are available at Koenig Equipment?

Utility Tractors

From working livestock to snow removal, for hay producers to municipalities, these chore tractors bring the horsepower and versatility so you can haul, mow, bale and more. Utility tractors are available from 45 HP to 250 HP


Row Crop Tractors

Versatile, powerful and efficient, John Deere Row-Crop Tractors have an engine horsepower range from 140 to 400. These tractors make your work easier and faster. They are great for plalnting and harvesting tasks around the farm.


4WD Tractors

These powerful tractors make John Deere the only manufacturer to offer all three machine forms to fit any application. John Deere 4WD Tractors come in track and wheeled configurations

Which other types of John Deere farm equipment are available from Koenig Equipment

Harvesting Equipment

Each John Deere combine is designed for your specific needs. Whether you have to harvest high moisture corn or tough threshing soybeans and wheat, a fully optimized John Deere combine from Koenig equipment will help you get the job done. Pair it with a John Deere corn head, auger platform, or draper and you will put more grain in your tank and leave less in the field.

Planting Equipment

No matter the crop you grow, the topography or your land, or the size of your operation, John Deere has the planter for your farm. There are drawn planters that offer flexibility in no-till situations, compact and economical mounted planters for reduced-till situations, and DB planters in widths up to 120 ft for larger operations. Match it with a John Deere tractor and John Deere's Precision Ag technology and you will achieve higher yields while saving on seed costs. 

Hay & Forage Equipment

Koenig Equipment and John Deere offer all the farm equipment you need to collect and process hay. Fast, clean cutting mower conditioners and disc mowers offer flexible ways to down your hay. John Deere bailers are built to last with high-quality components strengthening overall performance. Available in round and square bale configurations, you are sure to find a baler to fit your operation.

Tillage Equipment

John Deere changed farming forever with their steel plow. Today John Deere offers a complete line of tillage equipment to properly prepare any field; creating the best environment for seeds to germinate and thrive.

Chemical Applicators

Make every bit of fertilizer, herbicide, or nitrogen count with a John Deere, Frontier, or Hagie sprayer or application toolbar. 

Precision Agriculture

Seamlessly connect machines, people, technology, and insights to give you an advantage with John Deere's precision farming tools and Koenig Equipment's Integrated Solutions Specialists.