Enorossi Carted Wheel Rake

Enorossi Wheel Rake

BATRAKE High Clearance Carted Rake

The Enorossi BATRAKE comes in a Single Wheel configuration allowing each individual raking wheel to follow all types of ground contours. Equipped with 60” diameter raking wheels and 7.5 mm tines, the BATRAKE's raking wheels are top notch. Heavy spring tines provide for excellent wear and strong resistance to breakage. The heavy-built frame and high profile of the Bat Rake give a full 32” of ground clearance allowing it to rake in all types of ground contours in heavy hay conditions.


BAT-FLEX SYSTEM: Thanks to the hydraulic cylinders, you can easily pass from transport to working position and vice versa. They are equipped with BAT–FLEX shock absorbers to adjust the uniform pressure on the ground of all raking wheels during harvesting, so that the frame is not stressed.

ADJUSTMENT OF THE RAKING WHEELS PRESSURE ON THE GROUND: Each arm is provided with a torsion spring that can adjust the pressure on the ground for optimal harvesting and windrow preparation in order to ensure uniformity during working.

OPEN-CLOSE WORKING: This is a standard system in BATRAKE models that allows working with an open side and a closed side for end field operations. It is also useful for working in small plots of land.

Other Characteristics 

  • Independent rake wheel arms to follow all ground contours
  • High Clearance - 32” of Ground Clearance - Perfect for heavy hay
  • Easy windrow width adjustment
  • Heavy built and low maintenance
  • 60” raking wheels with 7.5 mm tines
  • Raking wheels sit at a 7° angle to create fluffier windrows and leave less hay in your fields
  • Heavy built and low maintenance
  • 205/70-15 tires standard
  • Heavy tubular frame with strategically placed bracing
  • Molded steel hubs with tapered roller bearings
  • Double action hydraulic cylinder
  • Compact design
  • Optional Kicker Wheel available
Hay and Forage Equipment
Amelia, Ohio
Anna, Ohio
Bloomington, Indiana
Botkins, Ohio
Franklin, Indiana
Germantown, Ohio
Greenfield, Indiana
Greensburg, Indiana
Greenville, Ohio
Lebanon, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
Rushville, Indiana
Tipp City, Ohio
Urbana, Ohio
Model# WheelsTeeth per WheelWheel Dia.Max Work Width.Teeth DiameterWeight
BAT 10-H104060"21’8"7.5 mm1644 lbs
BAT 12-H124060"24’3"7.5 mm1886 lbs