Frontier BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills

Field image of BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills

BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills Box Drills from John Deere. Learn more about features, specifications, and more for the BD11 Series End-Wheel Grain Drills Box Drills.

  • Optional furrow boots
  • Seed/fertilizer meter drive system
  • Field-installed agitator kits
  • Depth band field conversion kits
Other Equipment
Anna, Ohio
Franklin, Indiana
Greenfield, Indiana
Greensburg, Indiana
Greenville, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
Rushville, Indiana
Urbana, Ohio
Working width 26.9 cm
10.6 in.
27.2 cm
10.7 in.
Transport width 3.8 m
12.6 ft
Available row spacings 15.2 cm
6 in.
19.1 cm
7.5 in.
Transport ground clearance 13.8 cm
5.5 in.
Plain box (7.5-in. spacing) 726 kg
1,600 lb
Combo box (7.5-in. spacing) 816 kg
1,800 lb
Box capacity:
Plain grain 0.987 m3
28 bu
Combo 40 percent grain
0.476 m3
13.5 bu
60 percent grain
0.641 m3
18.2 bu
100 percent grain
0.973 m3
27.6 bu
1.198 m3
34 bu
Grass seed or legume (small seed) 0.053 m3
1.5 bu
Implement 7.5-20, 4 pr
Double-rib, implement 7.5-20, 4 pr
Type Double disk, staggered pattern: 33.02 cm
13 in.
Quantity 21, 17
Down pressure 56 kg
124 lb
Grain agitator:
Grain box Standard
Type Cast aluminum or cast iron
Type Fluted feed
Acremeter Standard
Depth gauging press wheels size:
Rubber 2.5x30.5 cm
1x2 in.
5.1x33 cm
2x3 in.
10.2x30.5 cm
4x12 in.
Regular Yes
Attachments available:
Outside disk scrapers Optional
Half-speed drive Optional
Grass seed or small seed legume box Optional
Set-up time:
Labor hours 2 to 3
Time period 1 year