Hagie 800R Floater

Field image of 3 configurations of the 800R floater

The 800R Floater features a high-capacity dry spinner spreader to help meet tight application windows in early spring and late fall.

  • Liquid, Dry, and Air Boom attachment options
  • Two cab and visibility packages
  • Common hydraulic implement pumps for faster attachment changeover
  • Integrated precision ag technology; JDLink™
  • Updated Dry Box implements
Anna, Ohio
Franklin, Indiana
Greenfield, Indiana
Greensburg, Indiana
Greenville, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
Rushville, Indiana
Urbana, Ohio
Key Specs:
Peak rated power272 kW
365 hp
Transport speed range0 to 74 km/h
0 to 46 mph
ChassisDual c-channel frame
Dry Spinner spreader - TypeDN495 Dry Spinner Spreader
Dry Spinner spreader - Capacity9.34 m3
330 cu ft
Dry Spinner spreader - Spread width range18.29 to 27.43 m
60 to 90 ft
Air Boom - TypeAB485 Air Boom
Air Boom - Capacity8.49 m3
300 cu ft
Air Boom - Spread width range21.3 m
70 ft
Peak rated power272 kW
365 hp
Power bulge298 kW
400 hp
EmissionsFinal Tier 4 (FT4)
Number of cylindersSix
Displacement9 L
584 cu in.
Fuel tank capacity586 L
155 gal.
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank capacity29.5 L
7.8 gal.
DriveFull-time two-wheel drive (2WD)
Spreading in field speed range (dry box)0 to 48 km/h
0 to 30 mph
Transport speed range0 to 74 km/h
0 to 46 mph
Chassis, frame, and tires:
ChassisDual c-channel frame
SuspensionFour-wheel leaf spring and front axle dampers
SteeringFront wheel
Air compressorOn-board air compressor
Primary brakesIVT and four-wheel pneumatic brakes
Parking brakesIVT and two-wheel (rear) pneumatic parking brake
Turning radius10.5 m
39 ft
Front tires750/50R26 tires - Alliance, Michelin®, or Trelleborg® (option)
Rear tires1050/50R32 tires - Alliance or Michelin (option)
Ladder raise/lowerAutomatic
Empty weight with single bin14,061 kg
31,000 lb
Cab and controls:
Display4600 CommandCenter
LightingDeluxe halogen lighting package
Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting package (option)
Dry spinner spreader:
TypeDN495 Dry Spinner Spreader
Box material409 painted stainless steel
304 stainless steel (option)
Box length4.27 m
14 ft
Capacity9.34 m3
330 cu ft
Spread width range18.29 to 27.43 m
60 to 90 ft
Automatic section controlJohn Deere Section Control (G5 box)
Box optionsSingle bin
Two-bin MultApplier insert (option)
Four-bin MultiBin insert (option)
ConveyorSingle bin - belt-over chain
MultApplier and MultiBin - belt-over stainless-steel chain
Air Boom:
TypeAB485 Air Boom
Box material304 painted stainless steel
409 painted stainless steel
Box length3.66 m
12 ft
Capacity8.49 m3
300 cu ft
Spread width21.3 m
70 ft
Automatic section controlJohn Deere Section Control
Box optionsTwo-bin capable of 50/50 or 60/40 split
ConveyorDual conveyors (left and right) with stainless-steel chain
Gate height physical adjustable range2.5-5.3 cm
1-2.1 in.
NOTE: The gate is set from the factory at 3.8 cm (1.5 in.). It is not recommended to adjust the gate height below 3.8 cm (1.5 in.) as operators may experience conveyor performance issues such as belt stalling or it may affect rate accuracy.
Controllable conveyer rpm rangeBin 1 and Bin 2 running separately: 2-70 rpm
Bin 1 and Bin 2 running at the same time: 2-40 rpm
Conveyor application rates56-1345 kg/ha
50-1200 lb per acre
*Assuming 16.1-km/h (10-mph) vehicle speed, 1041.2 kg/m3 (65 lb/cu ft) material, and 3.8-cm (1.5-in.) gate height. This also assumes CFR 0.2758.
NOTE: 1345 kg/ha (1200 lb/acre) is the maximum rate between all bins with the assumptions listed above. 56 kg/ha (50 lb/acre) is the minimum rate from a single bin (1 or 2) with the assumptions listed above.
Controllable metering rpmBin 3 (granular bin): 3-61 rpm
Metering application rates6.7-139 kg/ha
6-124 lb per acre
*Assuming a yellow metering roller, 16.1-km/h (10-mph) vehicle speed, and 1041.2 kg/m3 (65 lb/cu ft) material. This also assumes a CFR of 0.0442.
Volumetric flow rateLess than 0.74 m3/min
26.1 cu ft/min
NOTE: Plugging of booms may occur if the sum of the flow rate of all bins is greater than spec. NOTE: To calculate the volumetric flow rate per bin: volumetric flow rate (cu ft/min) = (rate (lb/acre) x speed (MPH) x 0.1414)/density (cu ft). Constant of 0.1414 assumes 21.3-m (70-ft) spreading width.
Additional information:
Beacon lightsFront- and rear-mounted beacon lights
Date collected10-Oct-2017