If you haven’t experienced AutoTrac assisted steering yet, call Koenig Equipment and ask to take a test drive.  You'll notice the difference with AutoTrac hands-free guidance immediately, and you'll feel the difference after a long day in the field.  In addition to offering convenience and ease of use,  AutoTrac can reduce input costs, reduce fuel usage, improve operator productivity and boost your bottom line. 

Increase profitability and reduce overlap

Farming requires multiple passes. This requires a method of guidance with a high degree of repeatability in order to minimize overlap (extra cost of seed, fertilizer, chemical and machine hours) and skips (loss of production).
Maintaining repeatable accuracy is important in all operations, especially with cropping practices that require multiple passes through the field. AutoTrac creates more consistent row spacing, reducing the potential for crop damage with subsequent passes through the field.
With reducing overlap by using AutoTrac more ground is covered in the same time and inputs like chemicals, fertilizer, fuel, labor and machine hours are reduced.

Steering system options

When paired with a StarFire™ Receiver and GreenStar™ Display, the machine steering kit completes the components that automatically steer the machine. Regardless of the steering kit, the receiver and display help standardize the operating experience between various machines in the operation. This reduces the learning curve for new operators and makes it easier for the operator to focus on total machine optimization.
Three different options are available:
AutoTrac – Integrated steering kit
The integrated steering kit is tied directly into the steering system on the machine and therefore provides optimum accuracy.
  • Integrated – for a clean look in the machine
  • Recent John Deere machines
  • Team John Deere precision with John Deere machines for the highest level of performance, acquisition and accuracy
AutoTrac Universal
A universal system does not integrate into the existing steering system and can be moved between machines.
  • Universal system can easily be moved between machines
  • John Deere and non-John Deere machines
  • Good acquisition and line accuracy
AutoTrac Controller
AutoTrac Controller is a field-installed, integrated AutoTrac system that is available on older John Deere and non-John Deere tractors.
  • Integrated
  • Older John Deere and non-John Deere tractors
  • Enjoy an uncluttered cab
  • Increased performance over a universal system

Reduce operator fatigue and time spent in each field

AutoTrac™ assisted steering system greatly increases operator productivity by maintaining consistent accuracy and efficiency. Operators remain more alert while they are in the field and are able to focus on implement settings and varying field conditions. AutoTrac also allows operators to confidently create evenly spaced rows past sunset, as well as in rain, dust, or fog.
AutoTrac allows the operator to maintain the optimal working speed for a specific application. This helps maintain peak machine and implement performance, resulting in a uniform field. Consistent speed also allows for more acres to be covered in a day for those applications that require higher speeds, like spraying.
AutoTrac also improves operator comfort as the operator has time to concentrate on implement tasks.

Customize desired accuracy for the application

Producers can select from the following accuracy levels.
  • Software activation offering SF1 level of accuracy (+/- 23 cm [9 in.] horizontal) from pass-to-pass within 15 minutes
  • Broad-acre guidance solution
  • Included with the purchase of every StarFire 3000 Receiver
  • Ability to upgrade to SF2
  • Software activation offering SF2 level of accuracy (+/- 5 cm [2 in.] horizontal) from pass-to-pass within 15 minutes
  • Row-crop guidance solution
  • Ability to upgrade to RTK


  • Signal level offering real-time kinematic (RTK) accuracy and repeatability (+/- 2.5 cm [1 in.] horizontal and +/- 5 cm [2 in.] vertical) from pass-to-pass
  • Applications demanding highest level of accuracy and repeatability
  • Requires SF2 Ready software and a RTK activation

Reduce soil compaction and passes

As tractors and field equipment become larger and heavier, there is a growing concern about soil compaction. Heavy equipment and tillage implements can cause damage to the soil structure. Soil structure is important because it determines the ability of a soil to hold and conduct water, nutrients, and air necessary for plant root activity.
By using AutoTrac™ steering system, operators can optimize the number of passes and reduce compaction. Additionally, the operator can confine traffic between certain rows and avoid compacting the row area.
AutoTrac allows producers to use the same traffic lanes year after year, sacrificing a small portion of the field in favor of having no wheel traffic in the majority of the field. Restricting traffic to specific lanes also provides a firm soil surface for more efficient tractor operation.
Without using AutoTrac during field operations, there is tendency for passes to overlap. Each pass over a field under poor conditions can cause significant damage to the soil.

Use many tracking options for any field

AutoTrac™ steering system allows operators to use tramline management more effectively, minimizing soil compaction. Additionally, AutoTrac allows the machine operator to select from a variety of guidance modes including straight track, AB curves, adaptive curves, circle track, and swap track. These tracking options allow the operator to select the track best suited for the field and conditions reducing the number of passes needed to cover the field.