John Deere 459 Round Baler

Studio image of 459 baler

The 459 Round Baler produces bales 4-ft wide and up to 5-ft tall with a maximum dry weight of 1100 lb.

  • BaleTrak™ Pro monitor-controller
  • Adjustable hitch to match wide array of tractor drawbar heights
  • MegaWide™ Plus pickup with MegaTough™ pickup teeth
  • Exclusive DiamondTough™ belts with plate-type splices
John Deere
Hay and Forage Equipment
Anna, Ohio
Franklin, Indiana
Greenfield, Indiana
Greensburg, Indiana
Greenville, Ohio
Oxford, Ohio
Richmond, Indiana
Rushville, Indiana
Urbana, Ohio
Size Diameter
88 to 152 cm
35 to 60 in.Width
117 cm
46 in.
Weight Full-size bale in dry crop
499 kg
1,100 lbMax. allowable for silage bale
794 kg
1,750 lb
Base weight 1,733 kg
3,820 lb
Weight* 2,411 kg
5,315 lb
Length Gate closed
361 cm
142 in.Gate open
455 cm
179 in.
Height Gate closed
260 cm
102 in.Gate open
325 cm
128 in.
Width With standard tires
226 cm
89 in.With opt. tires (Hi-Flotation)
244 cm
96 in.
Bale forming:
Forming chamber Variable
Belts-other Number
6 beltsStrength
Triple weaveWidth
17.8 cm
7 in.Length, regular
Two: 1,171 cm
461 in.Length, staggered
Four: 1,185 cm
467 in.Fabric
Diamond tough triple weaveTexture
Diamond Tread
Enclosed % of bale surface 91 percent
Belt splices Plate-type
Density control Hydraulic, isolated from tractor
Bale size indication Electronic display on monitor
Regular pickup:
Width Inside
117 cm
46 in.Flare
142 cm
56 in.
Drive Roller chain with V-belt
Bars 4
Number of teeth 72
Tooth spacing 6.6 cm
2.6 in.
Lift control Crank standard
Hydraulic optional
Gauge wheels Optional
Stripper diameter 25.4 cm
10 in.
Mega wide pickup:
Width Inside
156 cm
61 in.Flare
180 cm
71 in.
Drive Roller chain with slip clutch
Bars 4
Number of regular teeth 80
Number of mega teeth 16
Tooth spacing 6.6 cm
2.6 in.
Lift control Crank standard
Hydraulic optional
Gauge wheels Semi-pneumatic standard
Stripper diameter 25.4 cm
10 in.
Wrapping system:
Control Automatic to preset bale size
Type Standard
Monitor console for tractor BaleTrak Pro
Gate closed Symbol on monitor
Bale forming Digital bar graphs
Bale size Digital display
Near full bale Audible
Full bale Audible
Twine arm position Indicator Mechanical
Auto wrap Activates when bale reaches preset size
Oversize bale Audible and mechanical
Surface wrap:
Available Cover edge optional
Tire size:
Standard 11L-14, 8 ply
Optional 14L-16.1, 8 ply
Drive protection Slip clutch
Type Constant velocity, category 4
PTO lockback collar on tractor hookup Yes
PTO 60-degree free rotation Yes
Tractor Requirements:
Minimum PTO 42 kW
55 hp
Hydraulic SCV valves 1 electric tie
Silage baler features:
Starter roll scraper Optional
Powered scraping auger Optional