John Deere GS10 Series Frontier™ Overseeder

Field image of Frontier GS1060L Overseeder

GS10 Series handles multiple seed varieties.

  • Built-in seed dispersal rate chart and calibration
  • Versatile. Handles multiple seed varieties
  • iMatch™ and/or Quick Hitch compatible
Key Specs:
Working width 121.9 cm
48 in.
Working width 121.9 cm
48 in.
Overall width 144.2 cm
56.75 in.
Spiked roller and primary box 194 kg
427 lb
Operational weight All boxes with seed: 323 kg
713 lb
Tractor compatibility:
Horsepower 11-26 kW
15-35 hp
Hopper Primary seedbox: 35.2 L
1 bu
Legume seedbox: 35.2 L
Picker wheels Six
Spike roller:
Front roller positions Four positions
0-21 degree (angle)
No. of roller pins (front and rear) 144
Roller diameter (front and rear) 16.8 cm
6.6 in.
Front disc:
Front disc angle 0 degree (angle)
5 degree (angle)
10 degree (angle)
15 degree (angle)
Disc diameter (number) Notched: 40.6 cm
16 in.
Disc spacing 19 cm
7.5 in.
Category Limited Category 1
Quick Hitch compatible Yes
Cultipacker diameter (number) 24.1 cm
9.5 in.
Set-up time:
Labor hours 1 hour
Time period 1 year