John Deere Machine Sync Advanced Automation

Machine Sync assisting two Deere tractors in a corn field

John Deere Machine Sync allows coverage map sharing and guidance line sharing to improve planting, seeding, spraying and nutrient application.

  • Confidently unload crops on the go through reliable and automated machine-to-machine synchronization during a harvest operation.
  • Reduce operator-to-operator interactions by allowing the harvester operator to control the follower machine's position during the unloading process.
  • Decrease the likelihood of machine collisions, especially in dark or dusty field conditions.
  • Increase harvest efficiency by sharing machine locations, coverage maps, and guidance lines between up to six machines working in the same field using In-Field Data Sharing, in conjunction with Machine Sync.
John Deere
Monitors Receivers and Guidance
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Franklin, Indiana
Greenfield, Indiana
Greensburg, Indiana
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