Operations Center

Operations Center
Turn your data into information you can use with Operations Center from John Deere. Whether you are already using APEX software or are new to precision Ag the Operations Center has what you need to help maximize your operation.  If you are already using APEX software the Operations Center provides some unique advantages APEX cannot offer.
  1. Secure - Don’t worry about your computer crashing or losing your data.  The Operations Center provides a cloud based environment that protects you from data loss
  2. Open - The Operations Center allows you to easily share data with other parties whether you are sharing data with your agronomic advisor or you need to send the data to another software program for further analysis.  John Deere is embracing and actively working with 3rd party software providers to ensure the Operations Center is compatible with other Ag software providers.
  3. Accessible - You can now access your information and manage your operation from any internet connected device at any time.  Smartphone, iPad, laptop it does not matter what device you are using you can access the operations center from any device by going to the website and logging in with a username and password
  4. Insightful - Improved interfaces make the Operations Center easy to use and new features like average yield maps and customized reports help you get the most out of the data you collect.

Field Analyzer:

As part of the Operations Center, Field Analyzer allows you to see agronomic data from your machine in near real-time, including average yield, total yield, average moisture, seeding variety and rates, and more. The Field Analyzer tool lets you compare these layers side by side. And you can easily share planting and yield data with trusted advisors and receive variable rate prescriptions from those advisors.
Field Analyzer
How do I get data into the Operations Center?
  • JDLink™ Connect can use Wireless Data Transfer to automatically send data from your machines to the Operations Center.
  • You can also move data manually with a USB drive.
  • If you’re an Apex user, moving historical data is easy using Apex Backup to Operations Center.
The best part is the Operations Center is free to use. Contact Koenig Equipment today to learn more.
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