StarFire(TM) RTK

RTK (Real Time Kinematics) allows for less than 1” repeatable accuracy. With the new 450MHz RTK, radio line-of-sight restrictions are a thing of the past. The 450MHz RTK has the power to blast through dense tree lines and gently rolling terrain. In addition to 12 base stations and features like RTK Extend and SF2 fallback there is no need to worry about potential downtime with RTK.

See what others are saying.

"We started using RTK this spring after having SF1 for a few years and we really thought SF1 was pretty good and we had no complaints with it, but there really is no comparison to RTK. We can plant corn without worry at any time of day and even have been able to use AutoTrac while side dressing with a 13 knife applicator following a 16 row planter very successfully. The accuracy is just incredible! We don’t have to worry about drift which allows us to move around the field and do performance and variable rate trials with our planter which helps us make better management decisions. In addition it makes the row clutches work better than SF1 as well, especially if the field is not all planted the same day."

- Tyler S. in Wapakoneta, OH


"With RTK and our gator, we were able to save a lot of time by setting field boundaries and A–B lines in the off season. When working in the field we did not have to worry about setting and naming lines, we could just select one and go. RTK also allowed us to spray 30” post emergent corn, with a self propelled sprayer, at speeds up to 13 mph using the same lines. RTK also works really well with the row clutches when doing point rows, or end rows that are not square with the field. We would highly recommend RTK."

- Lee A. in Covington, OH


“We converted to RTK for the 2013 planting season with great success. By creating our AB lines before the season began, we were able to run both planters on the same AB lines in the same fields. This allowed us to improve our efficiency by starting each planter at opposite sides of a field and working towards the center. Regardless of which planter finished the last pass, the row spacing remained a consistent 30 inches.”

“Our thoughts on RTK? Let’s just say that the right planter marker broke with about three weeks of planting to go. We still haven’t fixed the marker and its July!”

- Eric N. in South Vienna, OH

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