Wheel Rakes

John Deere WR10

For commercial haymakers looking to shave a little time in the field, High-Capacity Wheel Rakes give you high-performance and consistency to tackle nearly any type of terrain.

Easy adjustment and Long-term versatility

  • A crank located at the rear of the rake makes it easy to adjust windrow width
  • If your operation outgrows your 14-wheel rake, additional wheels can be added to increase your raking width up to 32 feet

Efficient, durable rake wheels

  • Each raking wheel has 40 teeth for fast, efficient windrow gathering
  • All wheels are independently mounted and spring loaded to follow ground contours
  • Wheels are positioned far from the tractor, allowing you to easily rake inside corners
  • Optional center-kicker wheel ensures middle rows are fluffed
  • Tapered bearings on the hubs ensure greater durability

Efficient raking in all conditions

  • All high-capacity models have a wide-open rear frame that lets the largest windrows pass through with ease
  • Match your conditions by raking in a V-rake formation, or with right side open as a trailer rake
  • Easily fine-tune your ground pressure to fit various raking demands

Narrow transport width

  • Frontier High-Capacity Rakes open and close hydraulically
  • Transport widths are 8 feet 6 inches or less, making it easy to negotiate narrow

Raking versatility

  • Vary rake-wheel down pressure to match conditions
  • A lock pin lets you lock either side in transport position, allowing you to rake a single windrow at a time
  • Simply adjust the ratchet to set various windrow widths

Rugged frame for years of use

  • Designed to eliminate frame twisting for long-lasting performance
  • The frame is reinforced with truss beams for greater rigidity, strength, and durability

Safe, easy transport

  • Frontier Bi-Fold Rakes open and close hydraulically, letting you quickly switch from field to transport position
  • Over-the-center lift stops eliminate the risk of damage during folding
  • The lift tube is pinned to ensure rake wheels are locked while in transport
  • Safety town chain and SMV sign are standard

Tackle any terrain

  • Floating rake arms give you excellent raking performance on rolling ground
  • Ideal for waterways, ditches, and terraces
  • 3 feet of wing flex, up or down, gives you clean raking on uneven terrain roads and gates
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