Benefits of the Zero Turn Lawn Mower

You’ve likely heard the zero turn mower referred to as a superior mowing experience over a more conventional setup such as a lawn tractor. What are the factors that truly set zero turn mowers above the rest? The experts at Koenig Equipment have broken some of these down for you! Let’s take a look.

First, let’s define what qualifies as a zero turn lawn mower. These pieces of equipment earned this name because their turning radius is zero degrees. This is attributed to the main difference from lawn tractors - the controls. Typically zero turn mowers have two levers replacing the traditional steering wheel of a lawn tractor. These levers are built  to separate the independent motors on the two back wheels, providing the enhanced turning radius these mowers are known for.


As we started to touch on, one of the largest benefits of the zero turn mower is the zero degree turn radius. Navigating the obstacles of a yard such as trees and flower beds becomes a significantly more fluid process with the enhanced control that the zero turn mower provides.

Time Efficiency

An upside tothis enhanced maneuverability is that your time spent mowing is much more efficient, meaning the job takes less time overall. The ability to turn within the mower’s own footprint means you spend less time backtracking to cut the random sections you missed as you were trying to turn around on your lawn tractor. Another contributing factor to this reduced time commitment is that on average zero turn mowers cut grass faster than lawn tractors.

Fuel Efficiency

Less time spent mowing means less fuel consumption!

Long-Term Cost Efficiency

There is no denying the upfront cost of a zero turn mower is usually higher than that of a lawn tractor. But factoring in the various benefits of the zero turn, the mower becomes a sound investment over time. The reduced mowing time not only reduces fuel consumption costs, but less time on the mower means general wear and tear is lessened. Less wear and tear generally equates to longer equipment life.

These are just some of the benefits offered by a zero turn mower. To hear more or to discuss if a zero turn mower might be right for you contact the experts at Koenig Equipment today! 

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