Benefits of the Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Submitted by Koenig.Equipment on Wed, 10/24/2018 - 12:00am

Why Buy a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower?

Zero Turn Mower

What are the key benefits of zero turn mowers?

You’ve likely heard the zero turn mower referred to as a superior mowing experience over a more conventional setup such as a lawn tractor. There are some key benefits that have helped the zero turn mowers become so popular. These benefits include:

  • 90-degree turn maneuverability
  • Less time to mow the same area
  • More fuel efficient
  • More cost effective

Zero Turn Mower

What makes zero turn mowers so maneuverable?

One of the biggest benefits of the zero turn mower is the zero-degree turn radius. By having two levers to steer, you are able to separate the independent motors on the two back wheels. This provides an enhanced turning radius that makes them able to be so much more maneuverable.

How much refueling is required for zero turn mowers?

Zero turn mowers with a 60-inch mower deck can cut on average up to 3.5 hours (Z500 Series) or up to 8 hours (Z700 Series) before refueling, based on an average of one acre per hour. Which means less fuel stops and more mowing.

How cost effective are zero turn mowers?

When looking at prices when buying a new mower, there is no doubt that the upfront cost of a zero turn mower is usually higher than that of a lawn tractor. Once you take a step back to factor in the various benefits of the zero turn, the mower becomes a sound investment over time. The reduced mowing time not only reduces fuel consumption costs, but less time on the mower means general wear and tear is lessened, not to mention your time is valuable as well. Less wear and tear generally equates to longer equipment life.

Which zero turn mower solutions are available today?

Within the residential zero turn mower family, there are 17 different models available, across three different series. Each series has something just a little different to offer, and those offers increase as you move up through the series.

Z300 Series

The Z300 Series residential mowers are ideal for small properties. With 8 different models available within the Z300 Series, you are able to pick the perfect fit for the 1-2 acres you maintain. Along with different model options, you are also able to select what size mower deck width you are after. Deck sizes are available in 42-inch, 48-inch, or 54-inch cuts. While these mowers are designed for 1-2 acres, if you have slightly less than an acre that you are mowing, any mower in this series will still be a good fit and size for your property.

Z500 Series

If you have a little more area to cover and are consistently mowing between 2-5 acres each time, we recommend selecting one of the four models available in the Z500 Series mowers. The Z500 Series has a 4.5-gallon fuel tank, 3 deck-size options, and three different comfort levels to choose from. With all these customizable features, you are on your way to a ride you won’t forget.

Z700 Series

The Z700 Series mowers are designed to cover 3+ acres regularly. They have a heavier weighted frame and are a little more durable than the Z300 or Z500 Series mowers. With 23-25 horsepower and high-capacity PRO mower decks, the Z700 Series mowers are here to help you spend less time working on your property and more time enjoying it.

Z900 Series 

The Z900 Series mowers are designed with commercial lawn mowing customers in mind, offering many different options to meet your individual needs. Mower deck sizes range from 48-inch to 72-inch on the Z900 Series, and these commercial mowers can hold up to 11.5 gallons per tank of fuel. These capabilities allow you to pick the right option to get the job done every day.

Where can I learn more about zero turn lawn mowers?

Learning more about zero turn lawn mowers doesn’t have to be difficult. With the trained sales staff at Koenig Equipment, you can feel confident you are getting the correct information and details on any size zero turn mower. Once you find the perfect fit for your property you will be on your way to spending less time working on your property and more time enjoying it.