Box Blade vs Rear Blade – Which Blade Should I Use?

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How to choose the right blade accessory

Unsure of the difference between a box blade and a rear blade? This is a common question when looking for blade accessories for your John Deere tractor or mower. To choose the right blade accessory, you need to know what your use cases are going to be. Both box blades and rear blades are great attachments to have on hand for groundwork but knowing the full scope of each option is the best way to know which blade is right for you. Below we break down the differences between a box blade and a rear blade along with their different usages.


What is a box blade and how does it work?

A box blade is a 3-point attachment used on a tractor and it helps to scrape the surface and smooth it all in one pass. The Frontier box blades get their name from their design as they are in the shape of a box. The front end of a box blade (the side where you hook up to your tractor) has teeth, with the back side of the box having the blade. The teeth at the front of the box help break up any hard ground and then the blade smooths the ground out as it passes over after the teeth. With a straight blade on both the front and back sides of the box blade, you can move and level your dirt or gravel forwards or backward.


Box blade uses

The box blade is a very versatile attachment to assist you with projects around your property. Box blades are great for grading, leveling, removing ruts, breaking up compacted ground and backfilling. Not only are box blades great for all of these projects, but they are also designed to move forwards or backward to make the job easier.



What is a rear blade and how does it differ from a box blade?

 A rear blade is another 3-point attachment available for your tractor. The rear blade attachment consists of just a blade, there are no teeth like you find on a box blade. Rear blades may have a simpler design, but they are still very helpful when you are spreading materials. Frontier rear blades are available in a variety of widths to be more specific to your needs. Take more control of your work with the adjustable pitch and angle of a rear blade too!


Rear blade uses

A rear blade attachment may not be as versatile as a box blade, but it is great for some of your consistent projects. If you are regularly grading land, making roads or driveways, or needing to remove snow, a rear blade is going to be a good addition for your property. Rear blades make these regular projects a breeze and come in a variety of sizes to fit your tractor.



Where can I find blade accessories near me?

The trained sales staff at Koenig Equipment will listen to your projects and needs to help you find the right blade and right model to get the job done! Whether you already have a John Deere tractor and are wanting to add a blade attachment option or need to find the right compact utility tractor and blade for your property, your local Koenig Equipment has the knowledge and inventory to help you choose the right piece.


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