Commercial Lawnmower Maintenance Tips for Landscaping Businesses

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When you have a commercial lawnmowing business, if your equipment isn’t working, you aren’t making any money. It’s not as difficult to keep equipment running consistently if it is properly taken care of. Learn some of the best simple and easy tips for keeping your commercial lawnmower fleet running all season long below.


Commercial Lawnmower Maintenance


How can I keep my fleet of lawnmowers running?

Routine maintenance is key in keeping your fleet running. Routine maintenance includes:

  • Sharpening mower blades
  • Leveling mower deck
  • Changing engine oil and filters on schedule
  • Changing spark plugs
  • Cleaning underneath the mower deck
  • Lubricating belts and pulleys


Which types of preventative maintenance does my landscaping team need to do?

When it comes to preventative maintenance, there are some things that you and your landscaping business can do to keep your landscaping equipment running.

  • Prioritize maintenance - Ensure that your equipment is having regular maintenance performed at the suggested hours of operation in the equipment manuals.
  • Keep equipment clean – Keep underneath your mower deck clean of grass clippings and added debris to reduce issues to the blades.
  • Routine equipment checks - A simple, thorough look-through at the end of the day can help catch simple issues right away before they become bigger issues.  


What should I do if my landscaping business needs replacement parts?

If equipment breaks down, you usually need parts to make the proper repairs. If you are in need of replacement parts, the best place to go is your local Koenig Equipment dealership. Using genuine John Deere parts is the best option for your landscaping equipment.


Where can I find commercial lawn mower parts and services?

Commercial lawn mower parts and services can be found at your local Koenig Equipment dealership. With our trained Parts Specialists and Certified John Deere Technicians, you are able to find all the help and assistance necessary for your commercial landscaping equipment.


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