Common Engine Issues and Solutions for Lawn Mowers

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A reliable lawn mower is essential to maintain a healthy, well-groomed lawn. However, like any mechanical device, lawn mowers can experience some issues that may hinder their performance. Continue reading to learn more about some of the most common lawn mower problems and practical solutions to fix or prevent them.



Why is my lawn mower smoking?

If you notice smoke coming from your lawn mower, it is typically a sign of an underlying issue. One common cause is an oil leak. Check the oil level and review the mower for any visible leaks.

If you find a leak, replace the damaged gasket or seal and ensure the oil is filled to the appropriate level. Smoking can also occur from an overfilled oil reservoir. If so, drain the excess oil and refill to the recommended level. A dirty or clogged air filter can also cause smoking. Remove the filter, clean or replace it if necessary, and ensure proper airflow to the engine.


Why did my lawn mower lose speed while running?

Losing speed while operating your lawn mower can be frustrating. One possible cause is a clogged or dirty air filter. Restricted airflow to the engine can result in decreased performance. Clean or replace the air filter regularly for optimal air intake.

If it is not an airflow problem, another cause could be a worn-out or loose drive belt. Inspect the drive belt for wear, such as cracks or fraying, and replace it, if necessary, as well as check the tension of the drive belt and adjust it as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

A dirty or malfunctioning carburetor can also cause speed issues. Clean or repair the carburetor to restore proper fuel flow and maintain a consistent speed.


Why did my lawn mower lose power while mowing?

Losing power while mowing can be caused by a few different things. One common cause is a dirty or clogged fuel system. Debris and sediment can accumulate in the fuel tank, fuel lines, or carburetor, obstructing fuel flow over time. Clean the fuel system thoroughly, replace the fuel filter if necessary, and use fresh fuel.

A worn-out spark plug may also cause your lawn mower to lose power. Remove the spark plug and examine it for signs of fouling or damage. Clean or replace the spark plug as needed to ensure proper ignition.

Finally, check the mower’s blade for dullness or damage. Sharpen or replace the blade to maintain efficient cutting performance.



Why is my lawn mower making unusual noises?

Unusual noises coming from your lawn mower can indicate an underlying problem. A common culprit is a loose or damaged blade. Turn off the mower, disconnect the spark plug, and inspect the blades for looseness or damage. Tighten any loose bolts or replace the blade if necessary.

Another reason for unusual noises could be a faulty or worn-out engine component. Check the muffler, spark arrestor, or other engine parts for signs of damage or malfunction. Tighten any loose connections or replace damaged components as needed.

Additionally, inspect the mower for any foreign objects lodged in the cutting deck or other moving parts, as they can cause strange noises.


How can I prevent some of these common problems?

Routine service and maintenance are key to avoiding common lawn mower problems. A few tips to consider are:

  • Regularly check and clean the air filter to ensure proper airflow.
  • Keep the cutting deck clear of debris to prevent any impact to performance or unusual noises.
  • Follow the manual recommendations for oil changes and use the correct type and grade of oil.
  • Inspect and sharpen blades regularly for clean and efficient cuts.
  • Replace the spark plugs according to manual recommendations.
  • Clean the fuel system and use fresh fuel to prevent clogs and fuel-related issues.
  • Store the mower in a clean, dry area, out of the weather elements.
  • Use proper John Deere parts for your equipment.


Where can I find lawn mower service near me?

Addressing common lawn mower issues promptly helps keep your mower in top shape to provide you with a well-maintained lawn. Whether it is troubleshooting smoking problems, loss of speed or power, unusual noises, or implementing preventative measures, the certified technicians at your local Koenig Equipment are here for all your lawn mower repair needs, regardless of the brand.

Contact your local Koenig Equipment or schedule service online at any time.


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