Connect Your Fleet with JDLink

John Deere JDLink available from Koenig

April 29, 2020

As you grow your agricultural operation or continue to increase efficiency, staying connected with all of your machines, no matter where they are, can be a game-changer. Thanks to JDLink Connect from John Deere, you can monitor and manage your entire fleet in real time without ever having to leave the office.

What is JDLink?

JDLink is a telematics system that remotely connects owners and managers to their equipment. It enables connection to all makes of your equipment and provides alerts and information including location of your equipment, how it is being used, performance, and maintenance data. Simply put, JDLink is a digital connection between you and your machines.


How Can JDLink Help You?

When you are connected to your machines with JDLink, you can protect your equipment with geofencing and curfew alerts, monitor diagnostic codes to detect minor issues before they become big problems, and send information including set up files, prescriptions, and documentation files to operators in the field. And are you in an area where cell signals are weak or unreliable? If so, satellite modems are available to enable an automatic switch to satellite mode when cellular connection is unavailable. Visit the JDLink page on our website for more information and sample reports.


The Koenig Precision Ag Team is here to help

For more details about JDLink subscriptions, setup, and how it can help your operation, contact one of our Koenig Precision Ag Specialists today!