Four Steps to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

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Spring Lawn Care

It’s finally here! The snow has melted, the temperatures are getting a bit warmer, and we have even had a few days of sunshine. Spring is coming! Now is the perfect time to dust off the lawn mower and get your property ready for the coming season. Here are a few items that you should keep in mind for your lawn as spring moves in:

Lawn Care Spring Readiness

1. Lawn Clean Up

Grab the blower or the rake and get rid of the debris. Dead leaves that are not removed can hinder growth of your lawn, and twigs can get in the way once you are ready to start mowing.

2. Planting or Weeding

In the spring you will need to choose between planting new grass or weed prevention. Pre-emergent herbicides are great for preventing new weed growth, but they will stop any new grass from sprouting as well. Decide what your lawn needs most this year and plan your seeding or weed prevention accordingly.

3. Fertilizing

Make sure not to over-fertilize in the spring. Too much can create rapid, tender growth that could struggle to survive once the summer heat comes around. Spring is the time for light fertilizing using a slow-release fertilizer. You will also need to find the right time to fertilize your lawn. Depending on the type of grass you have, that could mean early spring, late spring, or even early fall.

4. Mowing

Start mowing when your lawn needs it. Cutting too early can damage the grass before the roots are well developed. Make sure your blades are sharp and that you don’t cut too short. Cutting no more than one third of the blade height will keep from shocking the plant.

Once spring arrives, caring for your lawn becomes a regular task on the to-do list, so make sure your equipment is ready. You can easily schedule inspections and service at your local Koenig location online.

And don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at your local Koenig if you have any questions.


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