Guide to Side-by-Side UTVs

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John Deere Gator

What is a side-by-side UTV?

A side-by-side is an off-road vehicle that usually has a body along with a small bed, and some include roll-over protection for passengers. Side-by-side UTVs can range from small to medium-sized off-road vehicles. These UTVs are designed to handle off-road situations like mud, rough terrain, sand, or dirt. Whether you are looking for something to take for fun when you go camping or something to help you get work done on your property or farm, there is a John Deere Gator available to fit your needs.

Types of side-by-side UTVs

There are three main types of side-by-side UTVs available in the Gator lineup at Koenig Equipment. With a variety of models, you are able to choose from traditional UTVs, mid-size UTVs or full size UTVs. Not only do you have the ability to select the size of the UTV, but you also have the option to select between two-seat UTVs, three-seat UTVs or four-seat UTV options.

Two-Seat UTVs

Most of our traditional UTV options are two-seat UTVs. Most two-seat UTVs are designed with two bucket seats. They still come with the standard utility bed. The two-seat side-by-side UTVs are smaller frames and not designed for as rugged of terrains as the mid-size and full-size UTVs.

Three-Seat UTVs

Full size UTVs come with the three-seat Gator option. Three-seat UTVs all have bench seating, making it possible for someone to safely sit in the middle due to the third seatbelt. The three-seat UTVs are the most popular type of side-by-side on the market today.

Four-Seat UTVs

If you have a crew you need to take with you, check out the John Deere S4 Gator UTV options. Keep all the features of a side-by-side and have room for more than two or three! With this style of UTV you have the option for more seating or the back seat can be easily folded down to provide additional storage space.

Where can I find a side-by-side UTV for sale?

No matter the size of side-by-side UTV you are looking for, Koenig Equipment has the Gator to fit all your needs and more! From traditional UTVs to full-sized UTVs and everything in between, Koenig Equipment has a wide variety of side-by-side UTV models. Not only can our sales experts assist you in finding the right UTV, but they can also show you a variety of attachments available to customize your UTV to exactly what you need for your property.



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