Harvest Safety Tips

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Having a Safe Harvest

A safe harvest is a successful harvest. If you haven’t checked out our Harvest Preparation Tips blog, make sure you read that first! As we draw closer to that important time of the year, Koenig Equipment is sharing some of our tips to ensure you can get your work done while avoiding potential issues.


Communicate Your Work Times to Friends/Family

Once you’ve planned out your work schedule, give a heads up to some of the people in your life. With scheduled check-in times, you can provide peace of mind to those in your life that everything is proceeding correctly. If they don’t hear from you, those missed check-ins could be the first warning flag that something may have happened.

Use Caution When Driving Equipment on Public Roads

Sometimes taking your machinery on the road is unavoidable. When you do, be sure to exercise extra caution! Making sure your lights/reflectors are functioning properly, putting your equipment in transport mode, and following the rules of the road are all vitally important to avoid any road mishaps. Dawn and dusk are the most potentially hazardous times as these are the most traffic-heavy times with people going to and coming from work.

Stay as Rested and Healthy as Possible

Fatigue setting in means the likelihood of an accident occurring increases significantly. To combat this, you should drink plenty of fluids while also eating regularly, including healthy snacks throughout the work day. You should never operate your equipment under the influence of alcohol or drugs. One other important factor to consider is if you have started any new medications since your last harvest, check with your doctor to make sure it will not have a negative impact on your ability to operate your equipment.

Have an Emergency Plan

Even with all the preparation in the world, sometimes accidents will still occur. That’s why it is so important to make sure you have a plan in place ahead of time on what to do. Taking a little time now to map this out and discuss it with anyone you will be working with will go a long way if a crisis situation does arise.

Hopefully these tips have started your wheels spinning on how you can have a safer harvest this year! If you’re looking for more harvest tips or have any other questions, the experts at Koenig Equipment are here for you. Contact us today!