How Can I Protect My John Deere Lawn Equipment with Performance Edge Maintenance Packages?

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How can Koenig's Performance Edge Programs protect new lawn equipment?

You’ve invested a lot in your lawn and garden equipment and need it to perform at its best. Routine maintenance is key to increasing the useful life of your equipment and ensuring that it is ready to work when you are. With a variety of options to customize your maintenance package and routine, a Koenig Performance Edge maintenance package is ideal for any lawn and garden equipment owner.


Which types of lawn and garden equipment are covered by Performance Edge maintenance packages?

Koenig Equipment offers Performance Edge maintenance packages for purchase on lawn tractors, garden tractors, compact utility tractors, zero-turn mowers, front mowers, and utility vehicles. These are available for 1-4 years and can be extended at the end of the term. If the unit is traded into us before the term is complete, any remaining balance can be transferred to the new machine.

Maintenance Program for Lawn Mowers and Compact Utility Tractors Koenig Equipment


What is included with Performance Edge lawn equipment maintenance packages?

Koenig Equipment offers two different levels of Performance Edge lawn equipment maintenance packages: Basic and Master. While the services performed differ at each level, the main point of these packages is to offer factory-recommended maintenance on your equipment. At a minimum, your engine oil and filters will be changed, and all the operations and basic safety features will be checked, including ensuring that your deck is level. If you choose a Master package, more maintenance will be performed.


What are the different levels of packages available?

There are two different levels of Performance Edge maintenance packages available for purchase. These include:

  • Basic – A factory-certified technician travels to your home to change the engine oil and filter and lubricate your piece of equipment. Along with this, they will check its operation and basic safety features and settings, including leveling your deck. This basic service is ideally performed within the first few hours of operation and is the minimum annual maintenance needed.


  • Master – A comprehensive service and inspection is performed at a Koenig Equipment shop. This top-level maintenance package includes an additional year of warranty as well as:
    • Change engine oil and filter.
    • Mower and mower deck lubrication.
    • Replace fuel filter, spark plug & air filter.
    • Mower blade sharpening and balancing.
    • Belt tension check and correction.
    • Tire pressure adjustment.
    • Charging and safety system check.
    • Check transmission oil & filter.
    • Clean underside of the mower deck.
    • Clean deck wheels & rollers.
    • Power wash & detail the entire unit.


How can I get a maintenance package on my new John Deere lawn and garden equipment?

Getting a Performance Edge maintenance package on your new John Deere lawn and garden equipment has never been easier! The trained experts at Koenig Equipment will review the maintenance package offers to you during your purchase of new lawn and garden equipment. After learning more about your equipment needs and uses, they will help you decide which maintenance package is just right for you and your new equipment.