How Can I Upgrade and Prepare My John Deere UTV for Winter?

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What can I use my John Deere UTV for?

If you own a John Deere UTV, you know they are built to withstand the elements and help you with various tasks around your property or worksite. From loading or hauling to fishing or hunting and everything in between, your John Deere UTV can be used for anything.



What is a John Deere UTV?

The Gator™ is John Deere's UTV option. John Deere Gators™ are utility vehicles designed to cross any terrain, no matter how rough. All John Deere UTVs currently include a cargo box for additional storage and hauling capacity to be an added workforce for you.


What models of UTVs are available from John Deere?

John Deere offers two main categories of UTVs to choose from, so there is something for everyone’s needs.


Traditional Utility Vehicles

The traditional utility vehicle models are ideal for days full of hard work on the job site. A low center of gravity offers additional stability over rough terrains such as rock, snow, or sleet. With a carrying capacity of up to 1,000 pounds, these traditional UTVs are built to assist with the day-to-day heavy lifting of your working lifestyle.


Crossover Utility Vehicles

John Deere crossover utility vehicle models are available in either full-size or mid-size options. When it comes to working, camping, hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activity, this lineup of John Deere Gators™ is designed to handle it all. The smaller, mid-size models can operate at higher speeds and handle various tasks, but the full-size models are designed with a high-powered engine to carry extra heavy loads.


How can I use my John Deere UTV year-round?

Work doesn't stop just because winter weather hits, and neither does your John Deere UTV. Rest assured, knowing the winter conditions are no match for your John Deere Gator™, which is designed with durable materials to outlast any weather conditions. In the winter, you can use your Gator™ for the same things you do during the summer, spring, or fall. Efficiently load and unload materials in the cold with the cargo dump bed. Save time outside in the elements with a cab Gator™ and use it to quickly get around your property in less time than walking. With the addition of some attachments, you can even put your UTV to work clearing snow!


What winter attachments and accessories are available for John Deere UTVs?

While John Deere Gator™ UTVs are already designed to cover any terrain, including snow, some additional attachments and accessories can increase your UTV's efficiency in the winter months.



Snow is no match with a v-blade UTV snow plow or a straight UTV snow blade attachment. Either option is a great choice to make quick work of moving or plowing snow. These blade options are ideal for a light snow that isn't excessively deep.



Windshield Wiper Kits

Keep your line of sight clear, even in the snow, by adding windshield wipers to your Gator™. With an easy-to-install, backlit switch, operators can control the windshield wipers from the dash. These are made for glass windshields only.


Canvas or Cab Doors

Cab doors keep you warm during the winter by fully enclosing the cab. Depending on your current model Gator™, cab doors can easily be added and later removed during hot summer months if you prefer.

When full cab doors aren’t the right fit for you, you can keep snow, water, or ice from splashing up on you while driving with the easy addition of canvas doors. Canvas doors are heavy-duty and water-resistant to handle all the elements.


What steps should I take to prepare my John Deere UTV for winter storage?

Some John Deere Gator™ owners don’t need to use their UTV in the winter months. Taking the proper steps before putting your equipment away for winter storage helps maintain the longevity of your equipment. Follow these simple steps to help make sure your equipment is ready to go when it comes out of storage in the spring.

  • Thoroughly clean your UTV to prevent corrosion.
  • Change the engine oil, engine oil filter, and air filter.
  • Review and clean the chain, adjust, and lubricate if needed.
  • Remove the battery. Keep it charged or on a trick charger while storing it in a cool, dry place to maintain battery health.
  • Clean and lubricate pedals and control cables.
  • Check and replace spark plugs, if necessary.
  • Add fuel stabilizer or fill the gas tank to help prevent condensation.
  • Check tire air pressure and add air to ensure they are at the recommended pressures.
  • Use a breathable cloth to cover your UTV.


Where can I find John Deere parts and accessories to upgrade my UTV for winter?

From parts to accessories or attachments to upgrade and prepare your John Deere UTV for winter, Koenig Equipment is here to help. Contact your local Koenig Equipment to learn more about the specific pieces available for your exact model. With the trained employees at Koenig Equipment, you can enter the winter months confidently, knowing you have the best UTV accessories, parts, and attachments for your John Deere Gator™.


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