How Can John Deere Ag Management Solutions Maximize My Harvest?

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Harvest is the time to cash in on all your hard work throughout the year, from fertilizing and planting, to pest and weed control. During the harvest season, days in the field remain long, so make sure you have the proper tools and systems to help you maximize your yields and increase efficiency. Continue reading to learn more about the Ag Management Solutions John Deere has available to help make the most of your efforts through harvest.


What are some of the Ag Management Solutions available from John Deere?

John Deere continues to be the leader in Ag Management Solutions, including harvest solutions. Applying John Deere Ag Management Solutions to your harvest operation will help increase efficiency and maximize your yields when applicable. Key players in the harvest John Deere Ag Management Solutions lineup include:

- CombineAdvisor™

- HarvestSmart™

- Active Terrain Adjustment™

- Harvest Monitor™

- AutoTrac™

Whether you choose to use one of these solutions or a few of them, they will work to help eliminate manual adjustments throughout the workday and maximize your harvest results!


How can I maximize my harvesting profits with John Deere Combine Advisor™?


Bring more automation than ever to your harvest with the help of the John Deere Combine Advisor™ package. Combine Advisor™ is full of features that eliminate the need for manual adjustments to increase the effectiveness of your John Deere combine. These features include:


ActiveVision™ Cameras

See everything taken in with the 'Live Camera' button on the Combine Advisor™ screen.


Auto Maintain

There is no need to make manual adjustments throughout the day with Auto Maintain. Start your working day by customizing your settings and refer to them any time you need to adjust sensitivity levels or aggressiveness.


Optimize Performance

By selecting 'Optimize Performance' before turning on Auto Maintain, you can input the grain quality of the grain loss you are experiencing. Utilizing current conditions and combine settings, you can apply recommended solutions directly through the 'Optimize Performance' tool.


History Page

Review the History Page to see how the combine performs and the adjustment history. Use the Performance tab to review grain loss and quality trends.



Auto Maintain works with HarvestSmart™ to automatically adjust engine power if grain loss increases above performance targets.

All these features within the Combine Advisor™ package work together to provide the best results to maximize harvest profits.


How can John Deere HarvestSmart™ improve my harvesting efficiency?

When operating on hilly terrain or through varying crop densities, having a consistent feedrate helps to maximize productivity and lessen the risks of clogging the feeder house. With John Deere HarvestSmart™, you take the manual work out of making feedrate adjustments. HarvestSmart™ adjusts the combine speed on the go by calculating the best operating speed for the conditions as you move across the field. Take more control by selecting "Capacity" or "Smart" mode. When operating in one of these two modes, HarvestSmart™ takes the capacity limits (Capacity Mode) or loss limits (Smart Mode) into consideration to adjust the ground speed and feedrates. Using these features keeps your combine operating at optimum performance, increasing your efficiency throughout harvest.


What additional benefits does Active Terrain Adjustment™ provide?

Active Terrain Adjustment™ is designed to enhance grain quality and minimize grain loss when operating on hills or slopes. With the addition of Active Terrain Adjustment™, sieve, and chaffer openings automatically adjust, cleaning fan speed is carefully controlled, and tailings levels stabilize. As the combine starts up or down a slope, adjustments to these elements happen automatically to minimize grain loss. Key benefits of Active Terrain Adjustment™ include:

- Setting adjustments are made automatically on hills.

- Achieve the same loss level on hill slopes of up to 10 degrees as you would on level land.

- Reduced tailings on 12- to 16-degree slopes by up to 35 percent.


What series of combines are Ag Management Solutions available for?

Not all John Deere Ag Management Solutions are available on every model or series of combines. Suppose you are interested in a specific Ag Management Solution. In that case, it is essential to understand what models the features are available on to ensure you make the correct equipment purchase for the technology solutions you wish to incorporate into your operation.


Ag Management SolutionFactory-Installed/StandardField-Installation
Combine Advisor™S700 Series & X-Series 
HarvestSmart™S-Series*60 Series STS, 60 Series WTS, T670, 70 Series STS**
Active Terrain Adjustment™S-Series model year 


*Standard on S-Series combines with ProDrive™ transmissions.

**When equipped with TouchSet™. Depending on the specific combine model, additional factory software updates may be required. Consult an Optimization Specialist to confirm compatibility.


AutoTrac™ activations aren’t tied to specific combine models like the solutions shown in the table above. To add AutoTrac™ to your operation, you need to use a GreenStar™ 2630 or newer display.


Where can I find more information about Ag Management Solutions through John Deere?

Koenig Equipment has a team of Optimization Specialists available across their locations in Indiana and Ohio who are there to help you every step of the way. Also, consider joining us for one of the Koenig Equipment Precision Ag Academy sessions to learn more about Ag Management Solutions and the additional Precision Ag Solutions available.


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