How Can John Deere Operations Center Support My Efforts During Harvest Season?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 11/12/2021 - 9:10am

The John Deere Operations Center is there for you and your operation all year long. During harvest, you can rely heavily on your Operations Center to remain aware and up to date on all yields and field results.


John Deere Operations Center


Does precision agriculture equipment help me get more out of my yields?

The more you know about your field, inputs, and yields, the more you can make them work in your favor (within reason). Precision equipment helps you look at reporting maps of harvest yields compared to your fertilizer and input maps. By looking over the data and comparing rates of fertilizer and chemicals to your harvest yields, you are better able to understand what makes your crops thrive and bring out the best yields.


What is Connect Mobile?

Are you ready to become more efficient by increasing your yields and decreasing your input costs? Connect Mobile is here to help you do just that! Connect Mobile easily integrates with all your other existing John Deere technology. Utilize this option to grow your knowledge on what works best for you and your operation. Not only can you utilize Connect Mobile to better understand your yields and inputs, but you can also improve combine performance through Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA).

Connect Mobile monitors and documents allow you to see the following data on different maps or layered maps.

  • Ground speed
  • Moisture
  • Dry yield
  • Wet yield


Does Operations Center support in-field data sharing?

In-field data sharing requires a Gen-4 display and some necessary hardware. As long as you have the proper equipment for in-field data sharing, your Operations Center will support in-field data sharing.

One of the four core functions of the John Deere Operations Center is monitoring. If you are away from the field and want to see the progress being made, you can easily receive insights through your Operations Center.


Where can I find John Deere Operations Center support during harvest season?

If you’re using John Deere Operations Center and have questions or need support, don’t stress. Koenig Equipment has a team of Precision Specialists specifically trained to provide support on John Deere Operations Center and other John Deere technology. Whether you’re in Indiana or Ohio, there is a Koenig Equipment and Precision Specialist there to help you during harvest and any other time of the year!