How Can John Deere Wheel Loaders Support My Job Site?

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Are you a landscape or small construction business owner? Do you have a wheel loader in your fleet of equipment? If not, it’s time to consider the amount of support a John Deere wheel loader can add to your job site. Continue reading to learn more about compact and mid-size John Deere wheel loaders and how your business can benefit from one.



What is a compact wheel loader used for?

Compact wheel loaders are used for a variety of tasks in even the tightest of spaces. Generally, these wheel loaders are popular in landscaping or small construction businesses. Wheel loaders are great workhorses for hauling materials and digging. Increase the use cases of a compact wheel loader by choosing from a variety of attachments. With the addition of a snow blower, grapple, pallet fork, or broom, a compact wheel loader can be used year-round for even more projects.


What’s the difference between a compact and mid-size wheel loader?

The main differences between compact and mid-size wheel loaders are horsepower and capacity.

John Deere compact wheel loader models range from 61-103 hp with bucket capacities of 1-3 cubic yards. These compact wheel loaders offer the John Deere performance you’ve come to know and expect in a smaller size so you can operate in small areas.

When your business requires more horsepower and capacity, John Deere mid-size wheel loaders have the power you need. Mid-size wheel loader models range in horsepower of 124-164 with 2.5-4 cubic yard bucket capacities. These models come with more available options to choose from, such as high lift, single-lever joystick, or two-lever fingertip controls. Mid-size wheel loaders are designed for larger jobs than compact wheel loaders, meaning they can’t operate in as tight of areas as the compact wheel loaders are able to.


What do the new John Deere G-Series wheel loaders offer?

John Deere is adding a new tier to their compact wheel loader line-up. The new G-Series compact wheel loaders are designed to provide customers with proven performance and lower maintenance costs, while still being compact for tight operating spaces.

The John Deere G-Series includes 3 models: 184G, 204G, and 304G. Ideal for landscaping, agriculture, snow removal, rentals, and site development, these models offer simple machine controls for any level of the operator. Safety is a top priority, which is why the G-Series comes standard with a limited-slip differential. If a wheel starts to lose traction, the limited-slip differential will automatically engage.

Cab comfort is vital in any piece of equipment. Choose between a canopy or enclosed cab to ensure your machine fits your needs. The enclosed cab has been completely redesigned to provide a clear view of the machine’s entire surroundings. This is accomplished with a full glass door, a front windshield that runs floor-to-ceiling, and remounted machine displays, plus a full glass window on the right side that swings 180 degrees.

As with any series of equipment, the G-Series compact wheel loaders increase in size and capacity from the small models to the larger model. The 184G and 204G are built to just over 8 feet (when the canopy cab option is chosen), with a width of 5 feet 10 inches. The 304G offers a little more room and visibility coming in with a height of 8 feet 8 inches (with a canopy option), and a width of 6 feet 5 inches.


Does John Deere include advanced technology with new compact wheel loaders?

John Deere continues to leverage advanced technology, even in their new G-Series line of compact wheel loaders. The choice of the ride-slip feature helps operators reduce bucket spillage when operating on rough terrain and improves ride quality. This feature can easily be set to engage or disengage at specific speeds.


Where can I find a compact wheel loader near me?

When it comes to compact wheel loaders and other John Deere compact construction equipment, Koenig Equipment has the inventory and sales experts to help you find the perfect addition to your job site. Contact your local Koenig Equipment to see the full lineup of John Deere compact wheel loaders available.


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