How Can Koenig Equipment Train Me to Become an Experienced Agriculture Equipment Technician?

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How can I become an experienced Ag Technician by working at Koenig Equipment?

Are you interested in becoming an Agriculture Equipment Technician but have never worked on agricultural equipment before? Or maybe you have just finished your Ag Technician schooling but wonder how to get additional training. What steps would you need to take if you are interested in advancing your career? At Koenig Equipment, we are here to help you navigate your career journey.



Can I transition from a technician of another industry to an Agriculture Equipment Technician?

Yes! You don't necessarily need to have previous experience as an Agriculture Equipment Technician in order to be hired for that position at Koenig Equipment. If you have experience as a mechanic, then Koenig Equipment will invest in your transition to becoming an Ag Technician. Previous work as a Diesel Technician is especially helpful and experience with a digital voltmeter is an added bonus. The most important skills to have, however, are a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn. The Koenig team will be happy to provide anything else you will need to be successful.


What training does Koenig Equipment provide for Ag Technicians?

Whether you are transitioning from another industry or are just out of your training program, Koenig provides training that is tailored to your needs and goals.


On-The-Job Training

As a new Agriculture Equipment Technician at Koenig, you will receive on-the-job training to get you up to speed. Koenig is invested and committed to your growth through on-site certification as facilitated by our internal Certified Dealer Instructor. You will also work alongside other technicians with more experience to show you the tricks of the trade and help you use the knowledge you already have in order to apply it to ag equipment.


John Deere Online Training

Koenig gives you access to JD University, an online curriculum that educates you on new equipment releases and best practices regarding the maintenance and repair of John Deere equipment. Most online courses are available at any time so you can take the classes according to your schedule.


How can Koenig help me advance my career path?

All employees have many opportunities for advancement and growth at Koenig Equipment. As an Ag Technician, one of your options is to advance through the John Deere Technician Levels.


What are the John Deere technician levels?

Level 1: Entry-level technician with 2 years of experience. This level requires basic knowledge and skills that are typically acquired through an associates degree, apprenticeship, or other applicable training. As a Level 1 Technician, you would work under close supervision in order to receive the experience needed to become acquainted with Koenig's policies and procedures.

Level 2: Intermediate level technician with 2-5 years of experience. A level 2 technician will have basic skills as well as prior experience. At this level, you would complete assigned tasks according to established policies and procedures under minimal supervision. You would also bring an additional level of knowledge and skill to the task at hand to solve problems as well as become more comfortable in the use of computers and technical equipment in order to complete your duties.

Level 3: Senior level technician with 5-8 years of experience. Level 3 technicians are experienced and fully competent and can work independently with little or no instruction. At this level, you are able to identify opportunities to improve upon processes, procedures, and service offerings. You should have extensive knowledge of new technologies and methods and be able to properly recommend and implement them. You would also act as a coach and provide guidance to less-experienced technicians.

Level 4: Specialist level technician with 8 or more years of experience. A technician at this level would apply extensive skills, knowledge, and experience. If you become a level 4 technician, you may lead project teams and provide training and guidance to less-experienced technicians. In addition to standard tasks, you will be assigned more advanced assignments as well. You will acquire knowledge of advanced technologies and methods while applying your extensive experience to solve complex problems.


How to Advance Technician Levels

In order to advance through the John Deere Technician Levels, you will need to complete an assessment for each level. Each assessment requires you to expertly diagnose and repair a designated number of equipment types with a high level of efficiency.


Benefits of Advancing John Deere Technician Levels

There are several benefits of technician-level advancement. These benefits include pay increases, the opportunity to work on more challenging equipment types and complex problems, and the chance to share your knowledge and experience with coworkers.


What opportunities are there for advancement from technician roles to leadership roles at Koenig Equipment?

In addition to growing your skills as a technician, you may also become interested in leadership roles. At Koenig Equipment, you will have the opportunity to advance into leadership positions if you have the desire and can grow the skills to make you successful in such a role.

With your experience and mastery of skills such as communication, project and team management, and leadership growth, you may be eligible for Service Manager or Parts Manager positions, and even Store Manager roles.

“I started in the predelivery shop and worked my way into the service shop. After many years of working there, I took on the Service Manager job for a number of years, then went to Store Manager, and now my new role is the Training Coordinator for Tech Development,” Chad Huelskamp, Koenig Technician Development Coordinator, stated. “My experience moving from a technician role at Koenig,” Huelskamp continued, “is that you have to be willing to work with people and understand machinery. If you do that, it will give you the opportunities in your career to choose whatever path you want to set for yourself." Chad is one example of many that have advanced from a technician to a leadership role within Koenig Equipment.


How Can I Join the Koenig Equipment team as an Agriculture Equipment Technician?

Are you interested in starting your career as an Agricultural Equipment Technician at Koenig Equipment? Apply today at!



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