How Can Koenig Equipment’s John Deere Certified Dealer Instructor Advance My Career as a Technician Faster?

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Starting a career as an agricultural equipment technician can be very exciting! One of the many benefits of the technician career path is the opportunity for advancement and growth. However, some may find it difficult to find time to schedule the training courses needed to increase technician certifications. But with the help of a John Deere Certified Dealer Instructor, getting the training needed to advance is achievable!



What does a John Deere Certified Dealer Instructor do?

A John Deere Certified Dealer Instructor, or CDI, is a certified trainer that teaches John Deere courses for technicians. The courses taught by the CDI will help technicians advance their careers, and they can also provide customer training at clinics.

The CDI at a dealership can offer a wide range of training for technicians. Technician training courses that the Certified Dealer Instructor can provide include:

  • Core Certifications
  • 8R Tractor Tech Overview
  • AMS Operations and Adjustments
  • Technical Systems courses for Sprayers, Tractors, and Combines
  • And many more!


What are the benefits of working at a dealership that has its own Certified Dealer Instructor?

Working at a dealership with a Certified Dealer Instructor offers several benefits to technicians. Since the instructor is on-site at your dealership, you are able to customize your training plan and work one-on-one with the CDI. On-site training also makes access to the training opportunities more available, since you won’t have to travel to a John Deere training facility. This makes the training adaptable and flexible so you can decide what best fits your schedule. And with the ease of access to courses, as well as the expertise of the CDI at work with you, you are able to progress through John Deere technician training faster to advance your career.


Who is Koenig Equipment’s John Deere Certified Dealer Instructor?

Koenig Equipment is excited to have a John Deere Certified Dealer Instructor on-site so we can offer the benefits that come from that role. Chad Huelskamp, who has been part of the Koenig Equipment team for over 25 years, is our CDI. Chad started as a technician himself and has since worked his way up through Koenig Equipment to become our Certified Dealer Instructor. 

As a CDI, Chad is an extension of the John Deere training program that is also offered at John Deere training centers throughout the US and Canada. He has been certified to teach certain courses at the Koenig facility which, as Huelskamp states, “allows technicians to set their own schedules so I can help advance our technicians through training faster.” His goal is to allow entry-level and mid-level technicians to gain invaluable experience and training as fast as possible. 

“My job is to facilitate technician development and to provide training and facilitate the core diagnostic classes that used to only be available at John Deere training centers,” says Chad. “I am excited about the chance to pass on my knowledge to technicians and to help them further their careers with Koenig Equipment.”


How can I join the Koenig Equipment team as an equipment service technician?

Take advantage of everything a Certified Dealer Instructor can provide as well as great opportunities for advancement, a collaborative work environment, and several other benefits by joining the Koenig Equipment Team! Apply for equipment service technician positions at today.



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