How Can Stihl Lawn and Garden Equipment Simplify Lawn Maintenance?

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How can I make lawn maintenance easier with power tools?

So, you have mowed your lawn, but the mower does not get as close to the trees, house, landscaping, etc., as you would like. Now what? Lawn maintenance does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. With the addition of some Stihl power tools, you will be able to tackle all your lawn maintenance in no time at all, not to mention have the best-looking lawn on the block.


Stihl Edger


Which tools are available from Stihl?

Stihl makes a wide variety of tools designed to help you with your lawn maintenance. Whether you are looking for personal use or commercial use power tools, Stihl has options to fit your exact needs and property. Stihl has gas- or lithium battery-powered power tools. Whether you are needing a blower, trimmer, edger, or saw, Stihl has all the power tool options you are needing to make lawn maintenance a breeze.


Stihl Blowers

Most people initially think to use Stihl blowers during the fall to help with blowing the fallen leaves off their landscaping and yard. While this is a great use for a blower, it can also be invaluable during the mowing season as well. Once you are finished mowing your lawn, you can grab your Stihl blower to blow the grass clippings off your sidewalks and landscaping.  It’s also a good idea to blow the grass clippings from your mower deck to prevent rust and keep the spindles and belts free to move.

If you have a gas-powered Stihl blower, you can also use it to blow snow dustings off your sidewalks and steps during the wintertime as well!



Stihl Trimmers and Edgers

Lawn mowers are great but can still only get so close to things and possibly miss grass close to the house, trees, sidewalk, or landscaping. When this happens, all you need is a Stihl trimmer or edger to clean up those edges. Stihl makes a variety of sizes of trimmers and edgers because every property has its own unique needs. Some properties will require more use of a Stihl trimmer than others will, making a larger trimmer a better fit. Regardless of the size of trimmer you are needing, a Stihl trimmer or edger will help you keep your lawn looking picture-perfect, even around the edges. Stihl trimmers and edgers are portable, lightweight, and have different handle style options available.


Stihl Saws

If you have a property that includes trees and brush, you might be interested in a Stihl saw, especially if you are looking to clean up some of those trees and brush. With the use of a Stihl saw, you will be able to cut through trees and brush with ease. Have a storm come through and knock a tree or tree branches down? Make the cleanup process easier by cutting the tree or branch into smaller, more manageable pieces.


Where can I find Stihl power tools near me?

At Koenig Equipment, we have everything you need to keep your lawn looking great all year long, including Stihl power tools. Whether you are looking for a blower, trimmer, or saw, Koenig Equipment has the right-sized Stihl power tool for you and your property. Our Certified Stihl Professionals will help you through the process of finding the right power tools, as well as show you how to operate power tools properly so you are comfortable using everything at home.

Our Stihl Work Packs, a Koenig exclusive, include the extras (such as trimmer line, oil, or a storage case) you need to get right to work without extra trips to get supplies.  Available in the fall and the winter, Work Packs make you ready to tackle these jobs.

Koenig Rewards members save 10% on rolls of trimmer line and Poly-Cut blades, earn free six-packs of Stihl oil, and can earn free off-season inspections of their equipment, even if you bought it somewhere else.

Are you a commercial landscaper? We have Stihl commercial-grade power tools available as well.  Ask about fleet discounts and programs.