How to Control Machine Dependability

Submitted by Koenig.Equipment on Fri, 05/29/2020 - 2:51pm

How To Control Machine Dependability

Technician Servicing John Deere Combine

Many things in farming are beyond the producer’s control.  Weather, grain markets, and input costs often change daily. The impact of these changes can be significant, resulting in highs, lows, and uncertainty in between.

As operations grow to include more acreage and weather patterns continue to change, planting and harvesting windows are getting tighter. The effect on yield in the spring and getting to market in the fall can represent significant revenue differences, and your machinery must perform when those windows are open.

Farm equipment readiness for the upcoming season is not one of these uncontrollable factors. Farmers can control the condition of their tractors, planters, and combines. Koenig Equipment’s off-season inspections provide confidence for farmers to know that equipment is ready to go to the field. With no obligation to approve repairs, you can decide what makes sense to fix, what you can handle yourself, and what you would like service technicians at Koenig Equipment to fix for you.  

Is there a benefit to off-season equipment inspections at Koenig Equipment?

Off-season equipment inspections are a great value. Priced at 25% off the regular labor rates, these inspections provide the lowest cost maintenance option for the year. Couple them with Koenig Rewards credits for multiple units in a calendar year, and farmers can get a whole farm inspected for less than $2,000. Any repairs or parts that are approved are also discounted by 10% and come with a service call waiver if there are any problems in-season, as well as priority over units that were not inspected.

The team at Koenig Equipment has been keeping records for several years, and we know that 94% of our in-season service calls are for machines that we did not inspect. Costs on those field repairs were up to 30% higher than in the off season, and those customers experienced downtime that may have impacted their operating windows. 

How can I schedule an off-season equipment inspection?

Today’s equipment is more complex than ever before, and requires trained service technicians to maintain and set up for optimum performance. When commodity prices are low, farmers cannot afford to lose yield or harvest capture, and just a few bushels could pay for an inspection. With all the other unknowns, gambling on machine dependability is an unnecessary risk.

Find the nearest Koenig Equipment dealership location, and then contact our team to schedule a date and time for a farm equipment inspection today.