How Do the John Deere S-Series Combines Compare to X-Series?

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Which John Deere combine is right for your operation?

John Deere offers a wide range of combine models so you can choose what is best for your operation. Look at the differences between S- and X-Series Combines, and the models available in each series, so you can determine which one is right for you.


John Deere S770 and S780 Combines


How are Combines Used for Harvesting Crops?

Originally, combines were designed to harvest wheat. Over time they began to be used for other crops such as corn, soybeans, rice, oats, rye, barley, sorghum, flax, and more. Combines have a binder-type cutting device that takes the grain from the cutting head to the threshing machine that is designed to work as it moves across the field. Combines are used once the crops are fully grown and ready to be harvested. With several combine options available through John Deere, it is important to understand the differences and pick the one that is right for your operation.


S-Series Combines

Equipped with fully integrated technology, S-Series Combines are designed to adjust for changing conditions even when you can’t see them. This means that no matter the field conditions, and whether you have a new or seasoned operator, you can expect consistent grain quality.

John Deere S-Series Combines include several standard features that make your harvest more comfortable and efficient.

  • The Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter Display is great for all operators with intuitive screens and customizable shortcut buttons.
  • The ActiveYield system eliminates the need for manual calibrations which take your valuable time. ActiveYield automatically calibrates the weight of the grain while you are running, resulting in highly accurate field documentation.
  • The Deluxe Cab is spacious and comfortable and provides optimum visibility.
  • S-Series Combines come with JDLink and 5 years of service, giving you easy access to your agronomic data at no initial cost. With JDLink, you can access data from anywhere and easily share it if needed to make real-time decisions.
  • John Deere Operations Center puts your yield data at your fingertips while organizing it in an easy-to-understand format. Turn your data into usable information that will help to improve your harvest year after year.
  • Data Sync automatically sends data directly to Operations Center so you don’t have to wait for manual data uploads to start analyzing.
  • John Deere Connected Support lets you receive alerts of potential machine issues before they happen. You can also decide to send alerts to your dealer, to prepare them to perform needed maintenance and drastically reduce your downtime during harvest.


What S-Series Models Are Available?

In 2012, John Deere launched the S-Series Combines, and they have been harvesting fields ever since. With a larger operator station, bigger cleaning shoe, 16-row corn heads, flex draper platforms, a power fold grain tank, and the very popular refrigerator, Koenig Equipment has been selling and servicing these machines with pride.



The S760 Combine offers more convenience from the cab. With the ability to make live adjustments from the cab, you can continue harvesting as opposed to stopping to adjust.

  • 333 horsepower
  • 6-cylinder, 9-liter engine
  • 300-bushel grain tank
  • Unloading rate of 3.3 bushels per second
  • 54.9-square-foot cleaning area



The S770 is in the middle of the S-Series Combine lineup. With just under 400 horsepower, the S770 comes in strong with the ability to move through the field.

  • 391 horsepower
  • 6-cylinder, 9-liter engine
  • 300-bushel grain tank
  • Unloading rate of 3.3 bushels per second
  • 54.9-square-foot cleaning area



With the S780, you are closer to the top of the lineup of S-Series Combines. Going from the S770 combine to S780 combine, you gain an additional 82 horsepower, a 400-bushel grain tank with a 3.8 per second unloading rate, and almost 10 more square feet of cleaning area. All these gained features add up to a machine built to work hard and keep you moving through harvest.

  • 473 horsepower
  • 6-cylinder, 13.5-liter engine
  • 400-bushel grain tank
  • Unloading rate of 3.8 bushels per second
  • 63.5-square-foot cleaning area



Coming in at the top of the S-Series lineup is the S790 combine. This combine has it all for you. If you have acreage you need to cover in a timely manner, the horsepower and additional features of the S790 combine are here to help keep you running with less downtime.

  • 543 horsepower
  • 6-cylinder, 13.5-liter engine
  • 400-bushel grain tank
  • Unloading rate of 3.8 bushels per second
  • 63.5-square-foot cleaning area


X-Series Combines

John Deere X-Series Combines are the next step in efficiency and capacity. With ever tighter windows for harvest, meaning you need to work with less-than-ideal conditions, X-Series Combines are ready with increased productivity and capacity and lower costs without reducing grain quality.

X-Series Combines include several of the same features available in the S-Series models, and boast an average of 45% more harvesting capacity across all crops while refusing to sacrifice grain quality. Higher fuel efficiency uses 20% less fuel. These combines can harvest up to 30 acres of wheat an hour and up to 7,200 bushels an hour of high-yielding corn.


Features in X-Series Combines that are also in S-Series models include:

  • The user-friendly Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter Display
  • Automatic calibrations and adjustments with ActiveYield
  • JDLink and 5 years of connected service
  • John Deere Operations Center
  • Data Sync
  • Staying ahead of maintenance issues and downtime with John Deere Connected Support
  • The new Harvesting Cab offers even more comfort and visibility with an air suspension seat and improved lighting kits.
  • An Integrated StarFire 6000 Receiver means you are already equipped to receive signals with the highest speed, accuracy, and repeatability. 
  • AutoTrac guidance reduces overlap and maximizes your inputs while reducing operator fatigue with assisted steering.
  • The Harvest Smart system ensures the combine maintains a consistent federate by automatically changing the combine ground speed to compensate for crop variations.


Features in X-series Combines not found in S-Series models:

  • 23% Wider Feederhouse
  • Dual rotors to increase threshing capacity
  • Largest cleaning shoe in the industry.
  • Cleaning system utilizing 4 turbine fans
  • Chopper and spreading system with up to 50’ coverage
  • Each length of unloading auger has a foldable option
  • Adjustable unloading auger spout control
  • 5.3bu./second unload rate
  • 53 hp. boost while unloading on the go
  • Touchscreen radio
  • Active seat II


If you’re harvesting thousands of acres of crops, and are constantly up against the clock, the X-Series John Deere Combine might be the perfect fit for you. The X9-Series deliver an average of 45% more harvesting capacity, without sacrificing grain quality, and using 20% less fuel. While both the S-Series and X9-Series combines are great machines and rather comparable, it comes down to the size of your operation when choosing a combine. If you’re covering a larger acreage area, an X9-Series might be the better fit.


What X-Series Combines Are Available?

X9 1000

If you’ve got a lot of acres, and usually have to harvest under tough conditions like wet corn or tough straw, the X9 1000 combine is there to get the job done. With a top-of-the-line engine, large power folding grain tank, and a large 75-square-foot cleaning area, you can move through the field to harvest with less downtime.

  • 630 horsepower gives the combine and you the power you need to move through the field and harvest with ease, even under tough conditions.
  • John Deere PowerTech PWS 13.6-liter engine powers through the toughest conditions.
  • 420-bushel power folding grain tank allows you to run longer with less time unloading.
  • The unloading rate of 4.6 bushels per second unloads your 420-bushel grain tank quicker.
  • 75-square-foot cleaning area continues cleaning grain as you move through the field to harvest.
  • Customize with front wheels or tracks to meet your fields’ specific needs.


X9 1100

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line combine, the X9 1100 is the right choice for you. Not only does it come with the standard ability to help you in the tough conditions like wet corn or tough straw, but the X9 1100 also has the highest unload rate, largest grain tank, and more horsepower than any other combine John Deere has to offer.

  • 690 horsepower is one of the most powerful engines John Deere makes, to ensure you have the power you need to get your grain out of the field.
  • John Deere PowerTech PSS 13.6-liter engine is built for extreme reliability and tough applications.
  • 460-bushel power folding grain tank is currently the largest grain tank John Deere offers to keep you moving in the field.
  • An unloading rate of 5.3 bushels per second to unload your 460-bushel tank in a timely manner helps lessen download.
  • A 75-square-foot cleaning area helps process and clean grain as you continue to move through the field.
  • Customize with front wheels or tracks to fit your fields’ needs.


Where can I find John Deere S-Series and X-Series combines?

With the many available combine options from John Deere, one will definitely fit your needs. If you’re still not sure which is best for your farm, call your nearest Koenig store and we will be happy to help find the right combine for you!