How Does John Deere Precision Agriculture Technology Provide Data Management Solutions?

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With precision agriculture technology equipment from John Deere, you can easily manage the data for your growing farm. From the in-field data on your crops, chemicals, fertilizers, and yields, to the operations of your machines, precision technology provides you with data management solutions for your everyday activities.


How does precision agriculture equipment help me manage my data?

Precision agriculture works together to keep all your data in an easy-to-manage platform. With the use of the Operations Center, you can have all of your field and equipment data in one location. Wireless Data Transfer works with the different platforms to connect all of your equipment and mapping information to the convenient location of your Operations Center. Not only can you manage your mapping data, you can also manage your machine data and information with the use of JDLink™.


What does JDLink™ do for my growing farm?

Catching machine issues and fixing them quickly is key to equipment life and time management on your growing farm. JDLink™ Connect is designed by John Deere to help your growing farm in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Utilize Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) to automate documentation data transfers.
  • Allow managers to see what the operator sees with Remote Display Access (RDA).
  • Controls for either GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display or Gen 4 CommandCenter™.
  • Location History provides machine status and progress directly from the field.
  • Make more informed, timely decisions with real-time machine performance information.
  • Utilize remote management tools to stay connected.
  • Compare labor with machine logistics.
  • Stay current on machine maintenance schedules and alerts.


JDLink™ also collects machine data while you are working. The machine information collected includes:

  • Machine location
  • Direction machine is driving
  • Current hours
  • Operating hours
  • Calls missed
  • Time and feature utilization
  • Fuel use
  • Overall machine and engine health
  • Overall machine performance


Does precision agriculture equipment provide in-field data sharing?

Absolutely! The main driving force behind precision agriculture equipment is to provide in-field data sharing. With the use of precision agriculture solutions like JDLink™ managers can see real-time data and updates on the equipment while an operator is running in the field. 


Where can I find precision agriculture data management solutions?

If you’re new to precision agriculture data management, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. The trained Precision Specialists at Koenig Equipment are there to help you every step of the way. From learning the basics to implementing the latest in precision agriculture, your local Koenig Equipment Precision Specialists can get you set with the best system for your growing operation.