How Often Should I Check Fluids in My Tractor?

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Keep Your Tractor in Great Shape by Maintaining Fluids


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Tractor fluids are essential in keeping your unit running the way it was designed to. Proper care and maintenance help to ensure a long equipment life and help ensure that it will function efficiently when you need it. Routine maintenance is less costly than dealing with breakdowns and more convenient.

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Which types of fluids are important to maintain tractor operations?

There are multiple fluids that are needed for your tractor to run properly. These fluids include hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, engine oil, and coolant. Each fluid is specifically designed for the tractor to ensure everything stays lubricated and operates correctly.

  • Hydraulic Fluid – The main use is to serve as a power transfer. Along with transferring power, hydraulic fluids also transfer heat and lubricate the components to aid in preventing wear and damage.
  • Transmission Fluid – In order for any transmission to function properly, it requires transmission fluid. The transmission fluid transfers the power from the engine to the transmission while lubricating the mechanical parts, maintaining the fluid pressure, cooling, conditioning the gaskets, and preventing rust.
  • Engine Oil – A running engine has constant friction. Engine oil is used to lubricate all the moving parts of the engine to reduce friction, reducing the wear and tear of engine parts.
  • Coolant – Coolant is used to keep the engine temperature within the optimum range for the engine to operate efficiently and not overheat.


How do I check the hydraulic fluid in my John Deere tractor?

Not all tractors are designed the same, so there is not just one way to check the hydraulic fluid. The best way to ensure you check your hydraulic fluid correctly is to follow the instructions as explained in the owner’s manual, or as your local certified technician explains.


How often should I check transmission fluid in my John Deere tractor?

Transmission fluid is important in making sure the transmission stays lubricated to make everything else run properly. Transmission fluids should be checked daily, before startup, since low levels of contaminants can cause damage, shifting problems, or premature wear. To find the right temperature for checking your tractor transmission, follow the instructions explained in the owner’s manual, or consult a Koenig Equipment technician.


What are the oil change intervals for a John Deere tractor?

Most new tractors have an initial early-stage oil change that is necessary before the tractor hits 200 engine hours. Talk with your salesman and refer to the owner’s manual to ensure that you change the oil at the correct time. After the early-stage oil change, engine oil levels must be checked regularly as well as changed every 250 hours. However, John Deere Plus 50 II engine oil can be used for up to 500 hours. If you don’t put that many hours on your tractor in a year, you should still change your oil at least annually to remove normal condensation, deposits, and any contaminants. Always change your filter when you change the oil.

Making sure the oil is at the right levels as well as clean is important to avoid serious engine problems. Without the proper levels and clean oil, you can easily encounter engine problems that could lead to costly repairs.


Do I need to check coolant levels in my tractor?

Absolutely. Coolant levels are important to make sure that the engine is not overheating or freezing. Coolant levels should be checked on your tractor daily before startup and should be periodically tested to make sure the water/antifreeze ratio is correct for the temperatures in your area.


How often should I replace the fuel filters on my tractor?

Replacing the fuel filters on a John Deere tractor and on fuel tanks is important. For most tractors, the fuel filter should be replaced every 500 hours. However, refer to you owner’s manual for additional details and official hours. Another recommendation is to use additives such as John Deere Fuel Protect to prolong the life of your tractor.


What else can I do to keep my tractor running when it’s not in use?

Maintaining a John Deere tractor requires year-round attention. While keeping tabs on fluids and routine maintenance are a great start, winter storage is another aspect that several operations tend to overlook. Read through our winter storage tips and consult with one of our experts to learn more.

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