John Deere 835E vs 835M vs 835R: Which Gator Should I Choose?

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Why choose a John Deere Gator?

If you are needing a utility vehicle that can put in the hours and work as hard as you, look no further than a John Deere Gator™. The John Deere 835 Series of Gators™ are a full-size crossover designed for heavy payloads and rugged terrain. Keep reading to learn more about the John Deere 835 Series to find out which model is best for you.

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John Deere 835E Series

The 835E Gator™ is the standard, base model of the 835 Series. Even as a base model, this full-size unit has the power and strength to get the job done. The 835 Series of Gators™ come with a 4-cycle gas, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), 54hp, and 2,000-pound towing capacity. 

Features to note:

  • Color Options: Green/Yellow, Camouflage, Olive/Black
  • No HVAC cab option
  • No power steering
  • Bench seating (bucket seats available)

With the standard 835E, you do have the option for different accessory kits for added features that fit your exact needs.  


John Deere 835M Series

Coming in at the middle of the road for standard features is the 835M Gator™. If you need a little more than the basics but not all the bells and whistles, the M series is a great option. This model is great if you want to customize some of the features on it. If you were originally interested in the 835E model, but want power steering, the 835M can be built the same as the 835E with the addition of power steering. When you’re after a few more options but not everything included in the 835R, you can add accessory kits to get the specific features you are after.  

835M Gator™ features to note:

  • Halogen headlights
  • Vinyl seats
  • Option for HVAC cab
  • Power steering


John Deere 835R Series

If you are after the top of the line, with all the options, look no further than the 835R Gator™. This model still has all the power and basic features of the other 835 models but includes more accessories that come standard. The 835R Gators™ come standard with:

  • LED Headlights
  • Wiring Harnesses for easy front or rear light installation
  • Rearview mirror and sun visors
  • Windshield wipers and functioning windshield wiper fluid
  • Power steering
  • Tan cloth interior including cloth seats, cloth headliner, and cloth rear panel
  • Dome light
  • Standard HVAC cab


Where can I find John Deere Gators near me?

Koenig Equipment makes finding the perfect John Deere Gator™ easy. Whether you already know exactly what you want or need some help deciding, the trained sales experts at Koenig Equipment are here to help every step of the way. Visit or contact your local Koenig Equipment dealership today to learn more about the John Deere Gators™ currently available.