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What John Deere Tractor Packages are Available at Koenig Equipment?

From landscaping to small tasks around the property and more, having the right equipment can make all the difference. At Koenig Equipment, we understand the diverse needs of our customers, and to cater to those needs, we proudly offer a range of John Deere Tractor Packages. Whether you are in the market for a reliable backhoe, a versatile taskmaster, or a robust farmhand, we have tailor-made packages to suit your requirements. Let's explore the features and capabilities of some of our standout tractor packages. 


What Backhoe Tractor Packages are available?

Our backhoe tractor packages stand out for their versatility and efficient solutions for digging, lifting, and handling materials. Explore the options tailored to your needs and discover the power and flexibility that John Deere brings to your operations. 

Backhoe Boss 1025R 

In the Backhoe Boss 1025R package, power meets versatility. Combining the 120R loader and the 260B backhoe offers a compact yet robust solution. Ideal for various tasks, from landscaping to construction, this package ensures efficiency and flexibility property tasks. 

Backhoe Boss 2025R 

The Backhoe Boss 2025R steps up in power and capabilities, featuring the 120R loader and the 260B backhoe. Designed for users who demand additional lifting capacity and digging force, this package is well-suited for more substantial projects, providing reliability and superior performance. 

Backhoe Boss 3032E

The Backhoe Boss 3032E is the solution for heavy-duty applications demanding exceptional performance. With the 300E loader and the 370B backhoe, this package excels in excavating, trenching, and handling demanding tasks. Experience superior efficiency and reliable operation in the most challenging conditions. 

What Taskmaster Tractor Packages are available?

When versatility and efficiency are your priorities, the Taskmaster Tractor Packages come into play. These packages are designed to handle various tasks, from landscaping to mowing, ensuring you have the right tool for the job. 

Taskmaster 1023E

Compact yet powerful, the Taskmaster 1023E combines the 120E loader and the 60D drive-over auto-connect deck. Ideal for landscaping and smaller agricultural operations, this package provides versatility in a nimble and efficient tractor. The loader aids in material handling, while the auto-connect deck ensures a hassle-free mowing experience. 

Taskmaster 1025R

Building on the features of the 1023E, the Taskmaster 1025R takes it up a notch with more features. Paired with the 120R loader and the 60D drive-over auto-connect deck, this package is designed for those looking for more bells and whistles. With increased lift capacity and wider cutting width, the 1025R offers enhanced capabilities for various applications. 


Taskmaster 2032R

For larger properties with more acreage to maintain, the Taskmaster 2032R is a top-tier choice. This package delivers unmatched performance and efficiency, featuring the 220R loader and the 72D drive-over auto-connect deck. The 2032R is a versatile tractor that excels in various tasks, from mowing to handling heavy-duty landscaping projects. 


What Farmhand Tractor Packages are available?

Our Farmhand Tractor Packages are crafted for those who require reliability and power in handling cutting and clearing tasks. From maintaining pastures to heavy-duty cutting operations, these packages are designed to deliver exceptional performance. 

Farmhand 3038E

The Farmhand 3038E is a reliable package that combines the 300E loader and the RC2072 rotary cutter. Ideal for maintaining pastures, mowing fields, and handling various cutting tasks, this package is a workhorse for efficient and precise land management. The loader ensures quick material handling, while the rotary cutter provides excellent cutting performance. 

Farmhand 4044M

Stepping up in power, the Farmhand 4044M includes the 400E loader and the RC2072 rotary cutter. This package is designed for those who need a robust tractor for heavier cutting and clearing tasks. With increased loader capacity and a more powerful rotary cutter, the 4044M is well-equipped to handle challenging terrain and vegetation.

Farmhand 5050E

The Farmhand 5050E is a comprehensive solution for those who demand maximum versatility and power. This package includes the 5050E MFWD, open station tractor, 520M loader, and RC2072 rotary cutter. With a powerful engine and advanced features, the 5050E can handle various tasks, from material handling to heavy-duty cutting operations. 


Where can I find a John Deere dealer near me?

For all your John Deere tractor needs, including the featured tractor packages, look no further than Koenig Equipment. As your trusted local dealer, Koenig Equipment is dedicated to providing a wide selection of genuine John Deere equipment and packages.

Visit your local Koenig Equipment for a hands-on experience, or connect with our knowledgeable team for guidance tailored to your needs.


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