John Deere's Updated 2013 6 Series Tractors

Submitted by Koenig.Equipment on Fri, 10/19/2012 - 10:34am

John Deere's New 2013 6 Series Tractor

John Deere has revamped their 6 Series tractors for 2013. There are tons of new models and features, but here's a brief look at the series:
  • John Deere 6D Series tractors - This is the value spec
  • John Deere 6M Series tractors - Mid-spec (replaces the 6030-7030 standard tractors)
  • John Deere 6R Series tractors - Premium spec model
The whole family of 6 series tractors offers new features. The 6D series sports a newly redesigned cab. The 6R series has a new direct drive transmission. The 6M has increased horsepower, additional transmission options, better hitch and hydraulics and IT4 emission compliant engines. 
In all there are 12 new models for the 2013 season. These vary from 105 horsepower to 170 hp. 
For those interested in financing, John Deere is offering great deals on select tractors. You can get up to 0.0% fixed rate interest for up to 36 months through 2.9% for 36 months, including a $1500 cash bonus. Specifically the tractors available with this special offer are the 6105R series, 6115R series, 6125R series and 6030 series.
The 6D series includes 4 models in total that have between 105 to 140 horsepower engines. These are the 6105D, 6115D, 6130D, and 6140D series tractors. 
The 6M series is all new for 2013 and go from 105 to 170 horsepower. The models include the 6105M, 6115M, 6125M, 6140M, 6150M and 6170M tractors. These replace the 6030 and 7030 series tractors. These are great mid-range offerings that are ideal for livestock owners that want a mid-spec tractor with nice high horsepower options. 
John Deere Series 6 Tractor
The 6R series has been expanded and now features the 6140R and 6150R models. The 6R series is geared towards the row-crop farmer market. 
Many models offer the features below:
  • Full frame strength and reliability
  • Intregrated front hitch and front PTO
  • Spacious high-visibility cab
  • Intuitive controls
  • Incredible power density
  • DieselOnly solution for Stage III B compliance
For more information about the John Deere 6D, 6R and 6M series tractors, check out their respective pages on the website.