Lawn Mowing Tips from Koenig Equipment

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Mowing Tips

John Deere Mower

Start your mowing season out right with these tips to ensure safety, keep your lawn healthy, and maintain the quality of your equipment.

Check the Lawn

We see a lot of mower blades damaged early in the season due to hidden debris. Take the time to walk the lawn and check for rocks, sticks, and tree roots that may have heaved during the winter.

Mow around, Not Over

Each year we see mowers that need repairs because someone has attempted to mow over an old stump, tree root, or utility marker in the yard.  At minimum, this will bend the blade. Many times, the expense can be great from damage to the engine or deck.

Sharpen the Blades

Sharpened blades are important for several reasons. Sharp blades will not only keep you from having to make multiple passes, but did you know that they can help your lawn to stay green? Dull blades tear the ends of the grass leaving a brown look. With sharp blades, you will be cutting the grass rather than tearing it.

Service the Engine

Your mower may have been sitting for months since you last mowed.  It is important to service the engine after your equipment has been in storage to avoid problems during the season.

Mow at the Right Time

Mowing early in the morning while the dew is still on the grass should be avoided.  The grass will build up under the deck causing improper air flow.  Wet grass can also be slippery, so for your safety it is best to wait for the grass to dry.

Contact Your Local Koenig Equipment Location for Help

These simple tips should help you to get ready for the mowing season. If you have any questions or if your equipment needs serviced before you get started, we are here to help.


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