Optimizing Fleet Performance with John Deere In-Field Data Sharing

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More and more operations are shifting to having multiple machines to help cover their acreage more efficiently. With numerous machines operating in the same field, map sharing plays a vital role for operators. Continue reading to learn the benefits John Deere In-Field Data Sharing offers you and your operation. 



What is John Deere In-Field Data Sharing?

John Deere In-Field Data Sharing is an option available within the suite of John Deere precision and guidance systems. In-Field Data Sharing allows multiple machines to work within the same field and share information between monitors or displays in real time.


What types of equipment can be monitored at the same time using John Deere In-Field Data Sharing?

In-Field Data Sharing can be used in equipment throughout the planting, growing, harvesting, and prepping seasons. This allows combines, tractors, sprayers, and nutrient applicators to communicate if any of them are in the same field operating simultaneously. Data can be shared with up to six machines working in the same area.


What are the benefits of monitoring data from multiple machines on one screen?

Monitoring data from multiple machines on one screen allows you to easily see the complete picture of the work going on throughout your field. Having a comprehensive view of your machines in-field will enable you to communicate better, increase efficiency, and take advantage of a variety of additional benefits.


Collaboration between machines

The equipment operators throughout the field can easily collaborate with themselves regarding positioning. With In-Field Data Sharing, you can see coverage and as-applied maps for all machines operating simultaneously in the same field. Utilizing this technology allows operators to reduce overlap and improve overall product placement.


Efficiency in field

  • Utilize field view to ensure the entire field has been covered.
  • View as-applied maps of other operators to verify all machines are calibrated and performing accurately.
  • View the position of tractors operating grain carts or other supporting equipment.
  • Get a full field view and confirm machine and crop performance when viewing machines’ yield and moisture maps.


Flexible sharing

The Join feature within In-Field Data Sharing allows operators to join geospatially sorted work groups easily. After joining the work group, the operator can accept the client, farm, field, and guidance lines, along with crop and other documented entries. When starting a shared work group, the creator can share everything or just a selection.

In-Field Data Sharing offers a streamlined setup process that matches maps and guidance lines up from the information selected on the Work Screen.

When sharing a work group, different operations need different information to be shared:

  • Planting (and seeding) – client, farm, field, and crop
  • Application – client, farm, field, and product or tank mix
  • Harvest – client, farm, field, and crop


Easy setup

Field, operation, and crop are already required for documentation, and In-Field Data Sharing uses this information to match guidance lines and coverage between machines, making setup quick and easy. Easily view which machines are in the same group, access settings, and confirm the system is working correctly through the shortcut key.


Share guidance lines across machines

Share more than just coverage maps with In-Field Data Sharing, such as guidance lines. Both straight tracks and circle tracks can be shared between machines.

  • Automatically share guidance lines with other machines that are made while you’re working.
  • Push prior guidance lines to your machines to the current field operation.


What Precision Ag Equipment is needed to use In-Field Data Sharing on my farm?

To utilize In-Field Data Sharing on your farm, you need a Gen 4 CommandCenter™ to get the full benefits. With the addition of the Gen 4 CommandCenter™ to your operation, you can easily utilize the In-Field Data Sharing and additional precision ag solutions, such as John Deere Operations Center™.


Where can I learn more and find solutions for Precision Ag Equipment near me?

Koenig Equipment has a team of Optimization Specialists who are knowledgeable and ready to help you with all your precision agriculture equipment. Whether you are new to adding precision equipment to your operation or want to ensure you are getting the most out of your precision equipment, your local Koenig Equipment Optimization Specialist can help you every step of the way. Contact your local Koenig Equipment to learn if In-Field Data Sharing is the right option for you and your operation today!


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