Should I Add a Performance Upgrade Kit to My John Deere Planter?

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Why choose a John Deere performance upgrade kit for my existing planter?

In the ever-changing farming industry, you have to step back to understand the best route to keep your operation running efficiently while maintaining your yields. When a John Deere planter still runs well, you can increase its profitability and productivity with the cost-effective solution of technology. Instead of buying a whole new planter, experience the best of both worlds with a performance upgrade kit!

Timing is important to your yield results and weather can sometimes make it difficult to get your crops in the ground. These John Deere upgrade kits can help improve your planters' seed placement consistency and allow you to plant at higher speeds. There are substantial cost benefits to adding an upgrade kit to your planter as well. Depending on your current model of planters, upgrade kits can save Customers up to 50% in some cases!

New technology isn't just for new equipment. Hear firsthand from Zach Johnson about the benefits of upgrading your existing planter with John Deere performance upgrade kits in John Deere's video below.



What are the differences between the John Deere planter upgrade kit options?

There are three different John Deere planter upgrade kits that you can choose from, MaxEmerge™, MaxEmerge™ 5E, or ExactEmerge™.

With three different John Deere retrofit kit options, you have the luxury of choice. You can choose your preferred seed delivery system, monitoring system, or power generation. In addition, there are also a few options that include row cleaners, pneumatic closing wheels, curve compensation, and vacuum automation. Visit the chart below to see what is included with each of the three retrofit kit options!


What parts are included in the John Deere MaxEmerge™ 5 retrofit kit option?

The MaxEmerge™ 5 retrofit kit is going to be the baseline of your planter upgrade kit options. Utilize the upgraded seed meter from the MaxEmerge™ 5 retrofit kit to receive improved accuracy and better accessibility from your planter. Keep in mind, if you are after electric drive options, the MaxEmerge™ 5 does not include electric drive, only the upgraded seed meter. For monitors, the MaxEmerge™ 5 is compatible with SeedStar™ 2 and SeedStar™ XP. The only options available on this retrofit kit are active pneumatic downforce and liquid fertilizer. If you need more options for your upgrade, check out the additional features with the MaxEmerge™ 5E or the ExactEmerge™ kits.


What parts are included in the John Deere MaxEmerge™ 5E retrofit kit option?

With the MaxEmerge™ 5E option, you have the same upgraded seed meter as the MaxEmerge™ 5, but with the addition of one electric drive as well as a few other additional features. Enjoy all the benefits of the MaxEmerge™ 5E with options like easy-adjust row cleaners, active pneumatic downforce, curve compensation, vacuum automation, individual row hydraulic downforce, pneumatic closing wheels, and liquid fertilizer. This upgrade option still utilized a seed tube delivery system and works with SeedStar™ 3HP, SeedStar™ Mobile, and JDLink™.


What parts are included in the John Deere ExactEmerge™ retrofit kit option?

The ExactEmerge™ retrofit kit is the top of the line when it comes to planter upgrade options. This kit has it all when it comes to increased speed and accuracy. While this comes with all the options included in the MaxEmerge™ 5E kit, unlike the seed tube delivery system, you will experience the industry-exclusive BrushBelt seed delivery system as well as two electric meter drives. Like the MaxEmerge™ 5E, the ExactEmerge™ retrofit kit also works with SeedStar™ 3HP, SeedStar™ Mobile, and JDLink™ monitor systems.



Where can I upgrade my John Deere planter?

At Koenig Equipment, our team of Precision Specialists can help you decide which John Deere planter upgrade kit will work best with your current planter while still meeting the wants and needs of your operations, all without having to purchase a brand-new planter. Koenig Equipment has 15 convenient locations across Indiana and Ohio with knowledgeable and trained staff to help you and your operation with anything you need.


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