Should I Add a Precision Upgrade Kit to My John Deere Sprayer?

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern agriculture, precision farming technologies have emerged as game-changers, offering farmers unprecedented control, efficiency, and sustainability in their operations. Precision upgrade kits have become essential for maximizing productivity while minimizing input costs and environmental impact when optimizing spraying equipment like John Deere sprayers.

Continue reading to explore the world of precision upgrade kits for John Deere sprayers, their benefits, available options, and how you can turn your current equipment into peak precision performance.

What is a Precision Upgrade Kit?

A precision upgrade kit for your John Deere sprayer is a set of advanced technology components designed to enhance your existing spraying equipment's efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. These kits typically include cutting-edge features such as automated section control, variable rate application capabilities, advanced nozzle control, and GPS and mapping systems integration.


What Precision Upgrade Kits are Available for My John Deere Sprayer?

Several precision upgrade kits are available for John Deere sprayers, each offering unique benefits and features tailored to specific farming needs. Let’s explore some of the most popular options:

See & Spray™

The See & Spray™ technology revolutionizes weed management by leveraging advanced cameras and artificial intelligence algorithms. These systems can differentiate between crops and weeds in real time, enabling targeted herbicide application only where needed. By precisely targeting weeds, farmers can significantly reduce herbicide usage, leading to cost savings and minimizing environmental impact. Moreover, this targeted approach helps combat herbicide-resistant weeds effectively, promoting sustainable farming practices. 


ExactApply™ is another cutting-edge precision application system that optimizes spraying accuracy and efficiency. One of its key features is individual nozzle control, allowing each nozzle to adjust independently based on speed, GPS data, and field conditions. This ensures uniform coverage and minimizes overlaps or skips, maximizing the effectiveness of the applied chemicals while reducing waste. Additionally, ExactApply™ systems can integrate with mapping software and prescription maps, enabling variable rate applications to match specific areas’ needs within a field. 

Individual Nozzle Control Pro

Building upon the capabilities of ExactApply™, the Individual Nozzle Control Pro takes precision spraying to the next level. This upgrade kit offers even finer control by adjusting each nozzle’s output based on speed variations and terrain contours. As a result, farmers achieve consistent droplet size and distribution across the entire swath, optimizing coverage and enhancing pest or weed control efficacy. This level of precision is especially beneficial for complex field shapes or areas with varying crop densities. 

Pressure Recirculation & Product Reclaim

The Pressure Recirculation & Product Reclaim upgrade kit focuses on improving spraying performance and reducing waste. Pressure recirculation systems maintain consistent pressure throughout the spraying process, minimizing clogs and ensuring a steady flow of chemicals. This leads to more uniform application and reduced downtime due to nozzle blockages. Additionally, product reclaim systems capture excess spray and recycle it back into the tank, maximizing product utilization and minimizing environmental impact. 

What are the Benefits of Upgrading My Sprayer?

Upgrading your John Deere sprayer with a precision upgrade kit offers numerous benefits for your farming operation:

  • Increased Efficiency: Precision technology reduces overlaps and skips, saving time and fuel while maximizing productivity. 
  • Improved Accuracy: Advanced control systems ensure precise application rates and target specific areas, improving crop protection and yield potential.
  • Cost Saving: Reduced chemical usage, minimized waste, and optimized application rates in lower input costs and higher profitability.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Precision spraying minimizes environmental impact by using resources more efficiently and reducing chemical runoff.
  • Enhanced Data Management: Many upgrade kits have data collection and analysis capabilities, allowing you to monitor performance, track field conditions, and make informed decisions. 

Where Can I Go to Upgrade My John Deere Sprayer?

When considering a precision upgrade for your John Deere sprayer, trust the Optimization Specialists at Koenig Equipment. As a leading John Deere dealer, Koenig Equipment offers a wide range of precision upgrade kits tailored to your sprayer model and farming requirements. Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your needs, recommend suitable upgrade options, and provide professional installation and support services. Contact your local Koenig Equipment to learn more. 


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