Snow Plow vs. Snow Blower vs. Snow Vehicle: Which One is Right for My Needs?

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Did you know Koenig Equipment offers Ventrac equipment? Continue reading to learn more about the snow management tools Ventrac offers that are available through Koenig Equipment.



What does the Ventrac brand offer for snow removal?

Whether snowfall amounts are light or multiple inches, Ventrac offers excellent options for snow removal. Built with speed and efficiency in mind, Ventrac offers compact profile equipment to help with snow removal and reduce potential landscape damage that larger equipment can cause. With a Ventrac SSV and the proper Ventrac snow attachment for your property or jobs, you can save labor and time on snow removal this winter.


What are the key features of the Ventrac Snow Plow, Snow Blower, and Snow Vehicle?

Ventrac pieces are built with both quality and durability. Ventrac snow vehicles and snow attachments are thoughtfully designed with key features to set them apart from the rest.


Ventrac Snow Vehicle

The Ventrac SSV is your one-pass snow vehicle for any winter snow or ice Mother Nature throws at you. The Sidewalk Snow Vehicle is a 4x4 skid steer stand-on operation with a 34” machine width to maneuver tight spaces. There are two Ventrac SSV models available to choose from, the 2100C (first-generation model) and the 2120M (current model). With the addition of your favorite snow attachments, you can easily remove snow or ice.





Heated Hand Grips

StandardNot Available




23 HP18.5 HP




970 lbs.970 lbs.



Ventrac Snow Plow

When it comes to snow plow attachments, Ventrac offers straight-blade models or a v-blade model. The ND Snow Plow Blades are straight blades available in either 42 or 54-inch widths. With adjustable skid shoes, the operator can select the desired height they want to plow depending on the surface they are plowing, such as gravel drives.

While the blades are available in 42 or 54-inch widths, when angled to the left or right, the working widths are 36 or 48-inch, respectively. The blade is easily adjusted or angled from the operator's station.

Deeper snow sometimes requires a more advanced option than a straight snow plow blade; this is where the Ventrac NV 360 V-Blade comes into action. The Ventrac v-blade is like no other v-blade with its trip-edge feature. This feature allows the blade to rotate and translate simultaneously from the normal v-blade position to a direct impact v-position.


Ventrac Snow Blower

The Ventrac NX340 Snow Blower attachment is built for commercial work compared to a snow plow that is designed for residential. This two-stage snow blower is 34 inches wide, featuring a 12-3/16-inch auger to transfer snow and a large 18-inch fan to blow the snow a maximum distance of 30 feet. The chute deflection is manually adjustable, and the chute can be hydraulically rotated 228 degrees.


What attachments are available from Ventrac?

While Ventrac offers snow attachments for the Ventrac SSV, they also offer tractor snow attachments if you already own a Ventrac tractor. Whether you are looking for a blade, broom, or blower, Ventrac offers a variety of snow attachments for their 4000 Series tractor.




4000 Series

KD Blades



KA160 Blower



KJ520 Broom






KX Snow Blower






KV552 V-Blade



NV360 V-Blade




Where can I find Ventrac equipment, parts, and service solutions near me?

When it comes to Ventrac equipment, parts, and service, Koenig Equipment has 8 Ventrac locations across Indiana and Ohio. Visit Botkins, Germantown, Greenville, Oxford, Tipp City, or Urbana in Ohio. In Indiana, visit Bloomington or Richmond to learn more about the snow removal solutions Ventrac and Koenig Equipment have to offer.


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