Snowblower Tips

Submitted by Koenig.Equipment on Wed, 01/03/2018 - 9:33am

Snowblower Tips

With temperatures dipping dangerously low and snow piling up, it’s time to talk about cold-weather maintenance. This winter, use your Briggs and Stratton snowblower to manage the snow on your property with ease. 

Briggs & Stratton Snow blower

Koenig Equipment offers a selection of Briggs and Stratton snowblowers at our Ohio and Indiana locations. Give us a call or stop by and talk to our team about which snowblower is right for you. 

If you already own a Briggs and Stratton snowblower, here are some tips for keeping it in proper working order: 

  1. Prime the engine according to the manual directions.
  2. Check your oil levels.
  3. Clear your gas cap of snow and ice.
  4. Fuel your machine with fresh gasoline.
  5. Before starting any snow blower repair, turn off your unit and let the snow melt. 

Proper maintenance can help you avoid unexpected problems. Regular oil changes should be completed on your snowblower, and spark plugs should be replaced when necessary. After each use, be sure to tighten all fasteners, nuts, or bolts that may have come loose during snow removal. Also, be sure to clean your unit of snow and dirt to avoid corrosion. 

Here at Koenig Equipment, we have everything you need to make your winter chores as easy as possible. No matter your project or your equipment, we can help. To extend the life of your snow equipment and to make sure it's ready to go when you need it, consider a KoenigCare inspection after the season. We’d love to help you tackle winter! 


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