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Stay Safe while Working in the Summer

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We’re right in the middle of planting season, which means long summer hours working on the farm are not far off. As we look ahead, the farming experts at Koenig Equipment have put together a few tips to keep you safe and healthy throughout the summer. Let’s take a look.

Inspect Equipment

As we have stressed many times before, it’s always important to regularly inspect your farming equipment before use. This is not just something for the start of the season - you should continue this practice even if you are using the machine on a regular basis! An unidentified issue could result in an accident or injury, causing a more significant loss of productivity than if you had taken the time to find and fix the problem immediately.

Don’t Underestimate the Sun

Maybe you’ve learned this lesson the hard way, but improper preparation for extended time in the sun can cause major issues for your well-being. One of the most important steps you should take is applying sunscreen. The last thing you want is to get a bad sunburn early on as that will likely decrease your productivity. Coupling sunscreen with a hat can be a highly effective combo to combat this potential risk. Dehydration can also be extremely dangerous if left unaddressed. Keep ample water with you as you’re working and take a few moments to rest if you start to feel ill at all.

Use Equipment Safely

Whether it’s a new piece of equipment or you’ve had it for years, it always holds true that there are specific ways to use the machinery that will ensure your safety and the safety of anyone who may be working with you. Keep yourself familiar with the operating manual to make sure you maintain these proper procedures. One key example of this is that you should never have more people on a piece of equipment than the number of seats. Skirting this rule of thumb is just asking for an accident!

These tips should be a great starting point so that you and anyone you’re working with on the farm stay safe and healthy this summer. For more tips like these or any other questions, contact the farming experts at Koenig Equipment today!


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