Twenty Tips for Harvest Safety

Submitted by Koenig on Thu, 10/10/2019 - 11:30am

Top Tips for Harvest Safety

20 Tips for Harvest Safety | Koenig Equipment​

As farmers get back out in the fields for harvest, you will be spending a lot of time in your tractors, combines, trucks, and other equipment. Now is the perfect time to think about staying safe. Being aware of your surroundings and taking the right precautions can be all it takes to prevent serious injuries.

Koenig Equipment recommends the following tips to keep you safe this harvest season.


Equipment Safety

  1. Get some rest. We know you put in a lot of hours this time of year, but fatigue paired with heavy equipment can be a dangerous combo. Getting enough rest can help you stay alert.
  2. Always turn equipment off before making repairs and adjustments.
  3. Avoid baggy clothes, loose jewelry, or long hair around active equipment.
  4. Wear proper safety gear such as noise protection, safety glasses, protective footwear, and masks when hazardous materials are involved.
  5. Pay attention to all safety information. Read the operator’s manual and warning labels.
  6. Keep bystanders away from your operation area.
  7. Shut down equipment, turn off the engine, remove key and wait for moving parts to stop before exiting the equipment.


Grain Bin Safety

  1. Avoid entering grain bins whenever possible. Someone standing on top of the grain in a bin that’s being unloaded can be pulled into the flowing grain within a matter of seconds, potentially resulting in suffocation. A long pole can be used to break up crusted grain instead of entering the bin.
  2. Shut off and lock all unloading equipment first if entering the bin cannot be avoided.
  3. Whenever possible, install ladders inside grain bins to use as emergency exits.
  4. Wear a properly secured harness.
  5. Stay near the outer wall of the bin. Since flowing grain moves downward from the top center of the bin, the outer edge is the safer place to be.
  6. If the grain starts to flow, move to the ladder or rope immediately.
  7. Never enter a bin alone.
  8. Never allow children to play in or around grain bins or wagons.


Road Safety

  1. Increase visibility. Use lights and flashers to make it easy for other drivers to see you, especially in the low light of early morning or evening.
  2. Drive at speeds that allow you to always maintain control of the equipment.
  3. Avoid busy roads when possible.
  4. If there is a line of cars behind you and a suitable shoulder is available, pull over and allow traffic to pass.
  5. Stay alert for hazards, such as soft shoulders, narrow bridges, loose gravel, bumps, potholes, and deep ruts.


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