Understand What Influences Yields with Field Analyzer Beta

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Understand What Influences Yields with Field Analyzer Beta 

Have you ever wondered why one of your fields produced better or worse from one year to the next? Maybe you have even tried to dig into your agronomic data but felt overwhelmed or that you didn’t have time. With Field Analyzer Beta from John Deere, you can quickly and easily analyze data, use it to make informed business decisions, and get back into the field.

Field Analyzer Beta map

What is Field Analyzer Beta?

Field Analyzer Beta is one of the many tools in the John Deere Operations Center toolbox and provides growers with the functionality needed to dig deep into agronomic data without being difficult to navigate. Field Analyzer Beta, and all the tools available in John Deere Operations Center, are available at no cost to you.

What can Field Analyzer Beta do?

You may be familiar with Field Analyzer or APEX. Field Analyzer Beta builds on the basic functionality of those previous options and let’s you go even further, all while providing a simpler way to dive deep into your data. With Field Analyzer Beta, you can:

  • See data in high definition, enabling row-by-row visualization
  • Edit map legends to customize your view in order to gain different insights
  • Create map legend templates in order to apply consistent visual analysis
  • Perform sub-field analysis allowing for a deeper look into specific portions of your field
  • Apply map overlays which lets you layer one map on top of another to quickly and easily understand the relationships between the two layers
  • Perform a detailed field analysis to quickly see how two data layers on the same field relate to each other (example: yield by seeding population)
  • And more!

With the functionality available in Field Analyzer Beta, you can analyze the effects of topography, tillage, seeding, application, and harvest conditions.

What are the benefits of Field Analyzer Beta?

Field Analyzer Beta lets you easily evaluate yields in order to understand what is driving the performance in each of your fields. Understanding what effects yield—including things like seed rates, application rates, tillage depth, elevations, and more—enable you to make changes that can increase your profitability.

Easy navigation lets you review the data quickly, meaning you spend less time analyzing and can get back into the field. Field Analyzer Beta also simplifies data analysis which helps you to more easily understand the data and use it to make informed business decisions that grow your business.

Agricultural technology is constantly offering new ways for growers to more easily view and manage their business. Field Analyzer Beta is one of the many tools in John Deere Operations Center that puts the power of technology in your hands.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Field Analyzer Beta or John Deere Operations Center, the precision ag experts and Koenig are here to help.