Using AutoPath™ for Sidedress, Spraying, and Harvesting

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John Deere AutoPath™ is one of the latest offers in John Deere precision technology. Planting (or in some cases strip-till) is usually the first pass of the year through the field. After planting there are more passes that need to be made over the crops throughout their growing season, such as side-dressing and spraying. While it is necessary to pass through the field for these things, operators still try to follow the same planter rows and limit running machine tires on rows as much as possible, this is where John Deere AutoPath™ comes into play.



What is AutoPath™ and what is it typically used for?

AutoPath™ is software technology available through John Deere that works through your receiver to record the exact location of planter rows as well as each crop row. As you are planting, information is automatically stored within your John Deere Operations Center where AutoPath™ uses the data to create guidance lines for the crop rows that operators can use in other equipment used in the field throughout the growing season. External boundaries, internal boundaries, headlands, and crop rows are all covered by these guidance lines provided.

The John Deere AutoPath™ technology is typically used to ensure tires follow planted rows in future passings to reduce row damage and maximize yields.


How can I improve efficiency using AutoPath™ throughout the growing season and harvest?

The main goal of AutoPath™ technology is to increase efficiency throughout the growing season and harvest and continue to maximize yields. Key benefits and efficiencies of AutoPath™ include:

  • Precisely plant on top of strip-till passes to help maximize yield opportunity.
  • Reduces crop damage throughout the growing season by keeping machine tires off planted rows.
  • Find correct starting points when using implements of different widths for planting, fertilizing, spraying, or harvesting.
  • Accurately follow rows during harvest in down crops.
  • Save set-up time by utilizing guidance lines during harvest.

With the addition of AutoPath™ to their operation, regardless of the field application or machine/implement width, farmers can easily and accurately follow auto-generated guidance lines across their fields.


What equipment is AutoPath™ compatible with?

John Deere AutoPath™ is compatible with any equipment that has a mounted StarFire™ receiver. The receiver records the exact location of your implement pass and crop rows, then AutoPath™ will use the data from the receiver to create your guidance lines to use throughout the growing season.


What display is AutoPath™ compatible with?

AutoPath™ is automatically included in the John Deere Generation 4 Automation Bundle and can be added to either the 4600 CommandCenter™ Integrated Display or the 4640 Universal Display. When it comes to software, AutoPath™ is designed to work seamlessly with other John Deere precision technology to help you get the most accurate data out of your operation. This includes CommandCenter™ Automation, Gen 4 Section Control, Machine Sync, and AutoTrac™. By combining different software features from John Deere, operations are able to get accurate, valuable data to utilize when making decisions for their farms.


What are AutoPath™ setup and installation requirements?

One of the key requirements for AutoPath™ is your guidance system on the tractor, sprayer, or combine. AutoPath™ requires SF3 or RTK for guidance, if you are still operating with SF1 it will not be compatible. Along with this, your display will require a 4.0 activation or subscription.

To properly document the source operation, the addition of an implement receiver is required. Installing an implement receiver during the source operation documents the true location of every crop row and removes issues like implement drift. Implement receivers also enable implement guidance to be used during the source operation, such as AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance or John Deere Active Implement Guidance™ system. Taking advantage of implement guidance is highly recommended and keeps pass-to-pass guess row spacing as accurate as possible.


How do you set up John Deere AutoPath™ in the field?

When it’s time for setup, you will need to start in the John Deere Operations Center with a setup file. Within the ‘Organization’s Details,’ you will want to go to the ‘Settings’ tab and turn on the  ‘AutoPath™’ option. Next use the ‘Field Analysis’ to verify the field is accurately represented before you can proceed. Once you have turned on AutoPath™ and verified your field, you can go to ‘Setup File Creator’ under the ‘Setup’ tab. From here you can filter your options to see only fields that AutoPath™ data is available for.

For a complete walk-through of AutoPath™ setup, watch one of Koenig Equipment’s Precision Specialists take you step-by-step through the process in this video!



Where can I learn more about available technology for my farm?

Visit your local Koenig Equipment dealership to learn more about the precision technology available from John Deere for your operation today!


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