What are the Different Trim Levels for John Deere Commercial Zero Turn Mowers?

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John Deere E vs. M vs. R: What are the differences?

John Deere offers a variety of commercial zero-turn mowers to ensure there is something to fit everyone's needs. Three different series of commercial zero-turn mowers offer the ability to customize your mower to fit your needs.

The E Series consists of one standard mower that still has the power to get the job done but doesn't have all the added features. The M Series has four available models that come with additional features. Lastly, the R Series models come with more standard features as well as additional customization options to make them the top-of-the-line series of commercial zero-turn mowers.

Continue reading to learn more about the differences between the John Deere series of commercial mowers currently available, or connect with the team at Koenig Equipment to learn how to add zero-turn mowers for your business or property.



John Deere E Series Commercial Mowers

There may only be one model within the E Series of commercial mowers, but the Z915E is here to deliver commercial performance on a budget. The E Series is the base of the commercial zero-turn mower series. This series is built to get the job done with features and options you need, without the extra bells and whistles.

Looking at the Z915E model, there are three different deck sizes to choose from, 48-inch, 54-inch, or 60-inch, all with side discharge. The 7-gauge steel deck has trim height as low as 1-inch, all the way up to 5.5-inch, and can be adjusted in .25-inch increments. The E Series model lift is mechanical and has a hand-engaged parking brake. The gas engine offers mowing speeds up to 10 mph.

While the Z915E comes with a standard seat, you do have the option to upgrade to the Deluxe comfort, Deluxe comfort with isolation, or ComfortGlide seat for a more comfortable ride while you are mowing.


John Deere M Series Commercial Mowers

The M Series from John Deere is here for efficiency and performance, all while offering a variety within your selection options. Within the M Series, there are four different models available. These include Z920M, Z930M, Z950M, and Z960M.

All models within the M Series of commercial mowers come standard with upgraded 7-Iron PRO decks. Deck sizes are available in 48-in, 54-in, 60-in, or 72-in, with Mulch on Demand as an available option on all sizes except 72-in. Like the E Series, the deck has adjustable trim heights that range from 1-5.5 inches, in .25-inch increments.

The models within the M Series also have options to upgrade the seat to Deluxe comfort, Deluxe comfort with isolation and ComfortGlide, or a suspension seat that is fully adjustable and includes ComfortGuide as well. The M Series also offers a rear discharge option, which is good for highway mowing.


John Deere R Series Commercial Mowers

R Series commercial mowers from John Deere are the top of the line in power and comfort. When it comes to commercial mowing, these commercial models are known for their functionality and ability to get the job done. Choose from five different model options in the R Series lineup: Z930R, Z950R, Z970R, Z944R Diesel, or Z997R Diesel.

Like the M Series, all the mower decks in the R Series models are 7-Iron PRO, with deck sizes 54-inch to 72-inch, but Mulch on Demand is only available on 54-inch and 60-inch models. The R Series models, excluding the Z944R, feature a hydraulic deck lift, with trim adjustments in .25-inch increments, ranging from 1-inch to 5.5-inch. When it comes to speed, the R Series commercial mowers operate faster than the E and M Series running up to 12 mph.

The R Series mowers have cross-porting transmission, which is especially useful for hillside mowing. With the addition of foot-engaged parking, Comfort & Convenience standard seating, and more, the R Series mowers have everything needed for commercial jobs or to maintain a large property.


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