What Attachments and Accessories are Available for John Deere Gators?

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John Deere Gator utility vehicles are ideal for various outdoor activities with their durable, powerful, and versatile design. Gators are helpful in a wide range of applications, such as farming, ranching, construction, landscaping, and recreational activities.

From compact utility to full-size, heavy-duty models, there is a John Deere Gator fit for you and your lifestyle. Continue reading to see what attachments and accessories are available to extend the use cases of John Deere Gators.



What attachments are available for John Deere Gators?

Increase the versatility and functionality of a John Deere Gator by adding attachments. John Deere offers front and rear attachments to help farmers or property owners accomplish almost any task.


Front Attachments

Front attachments are designed for tasks like grading, leveling, or moving dirt or snow. Front attachments offer better precision and control than rear attachments. Examples of front attachments include:

  • Front Blade - Easily push and move snow with a front blade attachment.  
  • Winch – Assist with recovery operations or pull heavy loads with a winch on the front or rear of your Gator.
  • Front Mount Tool Carrier – The front mount tool carrier provides more space to haul things like rakes, chainsaws, or shovels when the bed is already full.


Rear Attachments

For tasks like hauling cargo, applying chemicals, digging holes, towing, or moving things, rear attachments are a must. Rear attachments are ideal for tasks requiring more lift capacity or power. Examples of rear attachments include:

  • Rear Hitch – Easily tow trailers or other implements behind you with the addition of a rear hitch.
  • Rear Mount Sprayer – Apply pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals to your lawn or crops with a rear mount sprayer.
  • Cargo Box – Haul the materials, tools, and equipment for the task in one load with the addition of a cargo box.
  • Rear Mount Post Hole Digger – Add a rear mount post hole digger to dig fence post holes easily.


What accessories are available for John Deere Gators?

John Deere offers a wide variety of accessories for Gators. Additional accessories might not be necessary for general operating purposes, but they can enhance the Gator's comfort, utility, and safety.



Cab Accessories

Improve operator comfort and convenience with cab accessories. Some of the most popular Gator cab accessories include:

  • Doors – Depending on the model, half doors or full glass doors are available for added protection from the elements.
  • Heater or Air Conditioning – Increase operator comfort with a cab heater, air conditioner, or both, on select models.
  • Glass windshield with power wiper on select models.
  • Sound System – Add a sound system to the cab so operators can enjoy the radio while working.
  • Seat Covers – Increase the durability of the seats and protect them from the elements with seat covers.
  • Storage Solutions – From overhead to under-seat storage, various storage solutions are available to provide more space for tools and equipment in the cab.
  • Guidance Capabilities - Stay precise in your fields or plots by adding AMS guidance to your Gator.


Bed Accessories

With additional bed accessories, you can increase the versatility and use of the Gator’s cargo bed. Some popular bed accessories include:

  • Bed Liner – Prevent scratches, dents, and other damage to the Gator bed with a bed liner.
  • Tailgate Extender – Quickly increase the cargo bed's carrying capacity by adding a tailgate extender.
  • Bed Rails – Rails can be added to the cargo bed to help secure and prevent items from sliding while they are transported.
  • Bed Divider – Add a bed divider to organize and separate items in the bed.
  • Salt Spreader - Use a salt spreader to prep large areas for winter storms.
  • Medical Bed - EMS and Fire & Rescue crews can benefit from the medical bed options.


Light Accessories

John Deere Gators come standard with headlights, but additional light accessories help increase visibility in low light or at night. Light accessory examples include:

  • LED Work Lights – Adding work lights to the front or rear of the Gator offers additional light when loading or unloading.
  • Turn Signals – Increase visibility and road safety by adding turn signals.
  • Hazard Lights – When working on roads or other hazardous areas, hazard lights are a great accessory to increase visibility.
  • Light Bar - Extend visibility at night even more with the addition of a light bar.  


Can I add attachments or accessories to the John Deere Gator I already own?

John Deere attachments and accessories do not have to be included when you initially order or purchase a Gator Attachments and accessories can be added at any time. Attachments and accessories are model specific, so make sure to buy pieces compatible with your model.


Where can I find John Deere Gator attachments and accessories near me?

When it comes to John Deere Gator attachments and accessories, turn to the experts at Koenig Equipment. Sales Specialists will help you select the right attachments to support every task, and our Parts Specialists will find all the accessories to enhance the comfort and utility of your Gator.

Rest assured, knowing your attachments and accessories are properly installed and do not affect the performance or safety of your vehicle when a Certified John Deere technician at Koenig Equipment installs them. Contact your local Koenig Equipment today to learn more about the Gator attachments and accessories available through John Deere.


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